VCC Update – June 26, 2020

image with phrase coronavirus can handle the heatOne More Time for the Prologo Tappa

With less than a week left in the Climbduro Prologo Tappa Challenge, we’ll attack the segment one more time this weekend.

Remember to have your 2020 Club Membership. If not, you must have it in order to ride. Go >> HERE NOW

If you joined the club before June 6 you’ll need to send us your signed ABA COVID Waiver in order to participate. Download it  HERE >>> ABA – Adult Waiver COVID 2020 and email your completed form to Coach Kevin

All new memberships from June 6 onward will automatically require your agreement to the waiver.

Meet Saturday morning at 10am at the Ardrossan Rec Centre. Staging is allowed in groups of up to 15 now. The ride is about 60kms, following this (Strava) route:

You must PREREGISTER before 8:30AM on Saturday, June 27, for this ride using this >> GOOGLE FORM If you do not preregister, sorry you cannot ride that day. Absolutely no drop-ins will be accepted.

Remember to enter the Giro di YEG to be eligible for some fun prizes and drive donations to The Frontline Fund. You can learn all about these Climbduro Digital Challenges on >>THIS PAGE

To Cohort or Not To Cohort

Even though the AHS guidelines allow us to participate in a sport cohort of up to 50 persons, where we don’t need to adhere to strict physical distancing, your club is NOT implementing that change yet.

Your executive believe it’s still far too early to open up the risk of COVID-19 exposure to anyone in the club.

Witness the current outbreak at the Misericordia Hospital. In just 2 days it has gone sideways for many people. Our hearts go out to the patients infected there, and one who has died. But more than 200 staff members have also been put at risk, many who will need to self-isolate for 2 weeks, staying away from work. That puts a huge workforce burden on the hospital.

We can’t imagine putting our members at risk of quarantine, let alone getting sick too. Sorry (not sorry) folks. We’ll keep our rides in their current physical distanced format.

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts. Send them to me at

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