2017 Directors and Contributing Members

A big thanks to those who make the commitment to serve the Club in each of these roles.

Board of Directors

Board members are elected each year at the annual general meeting, usually held in January.

President: Kellen Westman,
*Direct any general inquiries here

Vice-President: Stewart Wyllie,

Treasurer: Paul Ermantrout,

Secretary: Mike Saunders,

Director: Shane Rush

Director: Oliver Walls

Director: Jessica Wyllie

Contributing Members

Clothing Manager: [Role Vacant] , – Forwarded to President

Volunteer Coordinator: Jessica Wyllie ,

Equipment Manager: Shane Rush ,

Social Coordinator: [Role Vacant] , – Forwarded to President

MTB Representative: Jason Redfern,

BMX Representative: Brian Olgivie,


Road/Cyclocross Ride Leader: Michael van den Ham,

MTB Coach: Janet Liu

Women’s Ride Leader: Bethany McMillan,

Track and Beginner Road Coach: TBA