April 21 Weekend Ride Update

As the riding season evolves our ride start times will anchor. This weekend we still start at 12:30pm. But eventually, we’ll get weekend rides starting at 10am, and weekday rides starting at 6:30pm (note: weekday rides will begin in May). Always check the website for new information.

All late-breaking ride updates will be posted to our Twitter account@VelocityBikeAB, with re-posts to Facebook. You should also note, our website contains a feed of Twitter updates. So even if you’re not a Twitter user, you’ll still easily see our latest Twitter ride updates on the website.

I use the Weather Network app to monitor weather conditions. So if you want to follow the forecast details I’m looking at, please use the same app. If I see a 60% or greater chance of precipitation during the scheduled start time of a regular club ride, I’ll post a Twitter notice to cancel the ride at least 12 hours in advance. I’ll re-check the forecast in the few hours before ride-time, and post any further updates to Twitter.

Realistically, if it’s pouring rain when you’re headed out for a club ride, don’t expect anyone else to show!

Remember: YOU MUST HAVE YOUR 2018 CLUB MEMBERSHIP IN PLACE TO RIDE! No membership, and you negate the insurance for all of us on the ride. Go here to register if you haven’t done so yet: Karelo.com

Saturday April 21 – Endurance Ride

Woodbend Spring RideWe’ll continue with the same details as last week. In fact, this will be the regular Saturday ride until at least the end of April.

Here’s your link to the route on Strava: Woodbend Community Hall Spring Ride

The ride starts at 12:30pm, and will be about 2hrs long. The current forecast shows some chance of rain in the morning, and then a higher chance towards the end of this ride. Fenders and some rain gear may be necessary. Again, watch Twitter for late-breaking updates if the forecast changes to 60% rain around the 12:30pm start time.

Sunday Inter-Club Ride from Olympiette Centre

The Spring Race Series has failed to secure permits from the county. So we’ll again ride with our friends (or make new friends!) in Edmonton’s other cycling clubs. This will be the last Inter-Club Ride this spring.

The start will be 1pm Sunday from the Strathcona Olympiette Center (RR 224 and TWP 520). The ride will be 2 to 3 hours long and have long, medium and short distance riding groups.

Chief organizer Lance Adamson will have post-ride Coke and cookies for all who ride! When you see him on Sunday, please be sure to extend a warm Thank-You to Lance for his efforts organizing the Spring Series this year.

Castrol Race Series

If you missed the announcement at our latest club meeting, inter-club racing is coming together at Castrol Raceway near Leduc.

Remember the olden days of Tuesday night criteriums? Well, something similar is shaping up on closed race circuits at Castrol Raceway. If you’re keen to learn some road racing skills (or test those you already have!) in a closed-road environment, then stay tuned as this event evolves. It looks like the first event could take place Tuesday June 26.

Spring Penticton Riding Camp Next Two Weekends

I’ll be away the next 2 weekends at our annual Spring Riding Camp in Penticton (see details here). I’ll still be maintaining the club’s local weekend ride schedule, but of course won’t be here to lead anything. Please take some initiative, get out, get riding, and lead your clubmates along! Send me an email if you’re willing to take charge in my place. coaching@velocitycyclingclub.ca

For those of you that are heading to Penticton, please also send me an email so we can stay coordinated with individual arrival dates and to just make sure I know all who are coming. Paul told us of a fantastic ride just across the border in the US – so make sure you bring your passport along to get back and forth across the border.

Life is short. Enjoy your ride!

Get Ready to Ride!!

Ok, let’s get this road season started, for Saturday we ride!

It’s disappointing that we don’t have true spring weather yet. But good is good enough for us Canadian “Hard Persons” … a more inclusive reference to “Belgian Hard Men.” Think sloppy spring weather in Belgium, with temperatures hovering just above zero. Riders wearing regular shorts, but legs slathered in “Belgian Knee Warmers”, i.e., embrocation!

I don’t recommend Belgian Knee Warmers this weekend. Keep those legs covered in leg warmers or full-on tights. And even as spring does arrive, keep your knees covered until at least 15°C.

Woodbend Spring RideAs mentioned at our club meeting this week, I’ve got a riding loop mapped in the southwest quadrant of the city. Here’s the link on Strava: Woodbend Community Hall Spring Ride (you’ll need a Strava account to download at this link … but hey, you only need their free account to do it).

I highly recommend you download a route copy to your own GPS device. The circuit runs clockwise from the Woodbend Community Hall. It’s about 60km if you ride the full route. However, it pinches back on itself in a few places, giving you some bail-out options if your spring fitness just isn’t there yet. The circuit is relatively flat, and avoids the drop in and out of the river valley near Devon.

Our plan is to meet at the Woodbend Community Hall at 12:30pm on Saturday, giving the day a bit of time to warm up. Throw a thermos of something hot in your vehicle for after the ride. You may need it to warm you up during your drive back home.

YOU MUST HAVE YOUR 2018 CLUB MEMBERSHIP IN PLACE TO RIDE! No membership, and you negate the insurance for all of us on the ride. Go here to register if you haven’t done so yet: Karelo.com

Follow our Twitter account @VelocityBikeAB for any last minute changes. The account feed is also posted on our website (look to the right if you’re reading this on the website), if you’re not a Twitter user. But I highly recommend you become one, just because it’s a fast, efficient way for me to keep our club updated with brief news announcements and ride plan updates.

Sunday’s  Ride

Unfortunately, organizers for Sunday’s Spring Race Series have hit a permitting roadblock. So the race is cancelled this week. BUT, they’ve decided to host an inter-club ride instead for all ABA affiliated clubs — like ours!

The ride will be 1 to 3 hours long and have A, B and C groups (depending on the number of participants) with volunteers leading each group.

The start will be 1pm Sunday from the Strathcona Olympiette Center (RR 224 and TWP 520), which has plenty of parking.

So let’s ride this weekend! Re-connect with your clubmates, after such a looong winter. If you haven’t met me yet, please introduce yourself during any of our rides. I’d love to get to know you better and hear what your plans are for the season!

Life is short. Enjoy your ride!


Polar Vortex Got You Down?

Alberta April Polar VortexIt looks great outside! The sun is shining. Winds not too bad. A little snow, but the roads are actually quite dry. Because, you know, it’s a dry cold!

With no real end to this Polar Vortex in sight, our club rides remain on hold. The Spring Road Series that was supposed to launch this Sunday, April 8, has been cancelled.

Lance Adamson will try again with the Spring Series next weekend, April 15. We may have a small respite in the temperatures to help make it a go … but the forecast is still quite weak.

Nonetheless, the Spring Series can only be a success when we have enough volunteers to keep it safe for all of us. If you aren’t ready to race, please help our cycling community and volunteer for one of the April series dates. You can sign up at this link right here: www.volunteersignup.org/B8KDT

Alt-Spring Series on Zwift

In the meantime, for all of the Zwifters out there, club member Dayton Danielson has kicked the Polar Vortex to the curb. He’s organized the YEG Canada Spring Race EH? Zwift event this Sunday at 12pm (official start of 12:20). It will be a handicapped event, complete with Group A, B and C categories. Spread the word to your Zwift riding friends. You can find all the event details here: zwift.com/events/view/53854

Or Plan to Attend the Club’s Penticton Training Camp

The annual Penticton Training Camp will be running April 28 to May 7. At least the Polar Vortex isn’t crashing their temperatures like ours. So if you can get the time off, it promises to be a fantastic week of getting a good dose of riding and climbing volume achieved.

I encourage anyone with racing ambitions this year to make the trip. I’ve been making the annual trip there myself for at least 10 years. The temperatures are always better than Edmonton. The roads are clear and much more interesting to ride than around here. And there’s always the post-ride wine tours to explore!

Here’s the link to the post with all the details: Annual Penticton Training Camp

And Join Coach Kevin Later This Sunday on Twitter …

I’m open to trying a few different methods to deliver my training and racing knowledge. This Sunday, April 8, I’m going to try an “Ask Me Anything” style session on Twitter.

At 5pm for about an hour I’ll be on my Twitter account, @BicyclingBloggr, where you can follow my discussion, reply to my posts, mention me in your questions. So grab your favourite beverage (coffee/beer/wine) and on Sunday afternoon we’ll see where the discussion takes us.

Chat soon!

Kevin Rokosh

“Happiness is a good bike and a good pair of legs.” – seen on a greeting card during my recent trip to Amsterdam.

Look! It’s Your Velodrome

You might already know Edmonton has an outdoor velodrome. But did you know your membership in Velocity gives you open access to the velodrome too?

Argull VelodromeYes, Juventus has a clubhouse at the velodrome, but they don’t own the track itself. The city of Edmonton owns it. Juventus is its custodian.

Velocity is one of the key stakeholder clubs in the Argyll Velodrome. That means we can develop our own programming at the facility in coordination with the other stakeholders.

Recently I met with all the stakeholders to begin planning our programming for the coming season. As your club coach, I’m here to serve your training needs. But before I make any plans, I want your ideas about the kinds of track training programs you’d like me to deliver.

Not having a track bike doesn’t need to stop you. The club owns a stable of track bikes at the velodrome for the exclusive use of club members. All you need to supply are your pedals and helmet.

What kinds of programming do you want?

I can think of at least two ways we can use the velodrome: train to train or train to race.

Train to train is a supplement to your general fitness training. I can create and lead a weekly program that gets you safe and comfortable riding the track. Then you can progress to some structured track training for fun and fitness. You don’t need to move on to racing.

But maybe you’re already a road racer. Train to race may be what you want. Your racing experience is missing out if you don’t take advantage of the track for some training. Riding the track will give you a convenient and exciting interval training experience.

And as some of you have maybe heard me say, come to track where you can learn how to win races. On a night like track league, you’ll get four or five low-pressure/low-stakes races, each about 10 to 20 minutes long, where you can take your best shot at launching a winning move. No need to spend 2+ hours in a road race only to mess up your finish!

Tell Me What You Want

So before I meet again next week with the stakeholders to divvy up the time slots on the track, I need to hear from you.

Leave a comment here to tell me the #1 way you’d like to use YOUR velodrome.


Attention Velocity Club Members – if you participated in races in 2017 sanctioned by the Alberta Bicycle Association you may be entitled to have a portion or all of your race fees reimbursed by the Club.

Each year, Velocity Cycling Club allocates a portion of the money it receives from its Casinos to the reimbursement of race fees for those that purchase an ABA racing license and participate in BMX, Road, Track, MTB, or Cyclo-cross races sanctioned by the ABA.

The process for reimbursement is simple:

  1. Gather up and make a PDF copy of all your racing invoices that you would have received from Zone 4 (the system used by the ABA to register for a race)
  2. Open the Excel Spreadsheet and make a copy for yourself (click here to download:  Velocity Race Fee Expense Claim) – summarize your race and entry fee amounts in the fields indicated.  The dollar amount will automatically total.
  3. Email the spreadsheet, together with PDF copies of the Zone 4 entry fee invoices to the attention of:  treasurer@velocitycyclingclub.ca  (NOTE:  There is a link on the website under “contact us”)

What Happens Next:

  1. As per our requirement with Gaming, the Executive will verify your participation in the event by reviewing the ABA race results.  The Club is only eligible to reimburse Members for races in which they started.
  2. Once that is complete, a cheque will be issued for a portion or all of your race fee claim (NOTE:  Race fees may be capped for each rider depending on the total amount of claims the Club receives and the availability of Gaming Funds

NOTE:  In order to prepare realistic budgets for the next cycling season, all Race Entry Fee Claims must be received no later than April 15, 2018.  Any claims received after this date will not be eligible for reimbursement. 


March Club Meeting

The March monthly club meeting will be held on Monday, March 5 at 7pm at the MEC downtown location 11904 – 104 Ave NW Edmonton. The meeting room is on the second floor. The meetings typically last roughly 90 minutes, and all members are welcome.

This will be a Combination Velocity AGM / meet the new Coach / monthly meeting

Tentative Agenda:

  1. Welcome
  2.  2017 Executive Reports
  3.  confirm/elect 2018 executive – (We are still in need of a VP).
  4. Introduction of new club coach Kevin Rokosh
  5. 2018 budget
  6. Club storage unit
  7. Club trailer
  8. Velo stage race
  9. AOB
  10. adjourn

Hope to see you there!

Annual Penticton Training Camp



The Velocity Cycling Club Annual Penticton Camp is planned from April 28, 2018 – May 7, 2018. These dates have been coordinated with the Edmonton Masters Club, so members of both clubs could potentially do both camps.


As usual, Velocity members attending the camp are responsible for their own transportation, food and lodging. To assist with this, the club has booked at block of rooms at the Tiki Shores (info below).


Penticton Training Camp April 28, 2018 – May 7, 2018

Tiki Shores 914 Lakeshore Dr.,
Penticton, BC V2A 1C1
Phone: 250 492 8769