Juventus’ Juniors at World’s Fundraiser

WHHAAAAATTTT! In case you haven’t noticed yet, Edmonton is home to a new World Champion! Juventus’ Stefan Ritter just won a Gold Medal in the Junior Men’s Kilo. Stefan’s result highlights a summer where three of Juventus’ Juniors headed to the World Championships.


However, heading to the World Championships is very expensive, so Juventus has organized a fundraiser, happening Saturday, July 23, alongside this weekend’s Track Provincial Championships to help cover some of the costs that these promising athletes (and their families) are incurring to pursue cycling at the highest level.

Interested in going? Check out all the details here. This is a great opportunity for us to support our cycling community and get these crazy fast juniors to the next level!

Weekly Update: July 18-24

Pardon my brevity, but I’m sitting on a couch (wishing I was napping) and completely cracked after a busy BC Superweek. On that Superweek note, we had two riders (Mark and Micah) flying the Velocity Colours out there and another two (Myself and Terra) club members in different colours crushing it out there all week. I’m proud to say that makes Velocity CC the most well represented Alberta club at Superweek! Interested in seeing the full results? Check them out right here.

UPDATED! – Saturday and Sunday Route Maps now posted

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