For 2017, the Velocity Cycling Club is moving to an online store through Jakroo Cycling Apparel. While we will no longer carry a stock of clothing, clothing through Jakroo will be available in as little as 15 days (and no more than 30 days) from the date on which the order was placed.

Our design remains unchanged from 2016. The next design change will be for the Spring/Summer of 2018.

Online Store: Link

Delivery Dates and Shipping

The Velocity Cycling Club Store is set up as a Revolving Store. This means that orders can be placed at anytime and will be processed for either the 1st or 15th of the month.

This means that if you order by the 1st of the month you will receive your kits on the 15th; or order by the 15th of the month for delivery on the last day of the month. Items will be shipped directly to your door through FedEx.
Important Shipping Information:

  • Tracking information will be emailed to you 2-3 days prior to your actual delivery date. Please note, we always try to beat our scheduled delivery dates.
  • Please contact FedEx directly for options of signature release for your delivery.


Each Jakroo jersey is available in a number of different fits. To help make sure you get the right size and fit, the club will organize a number of sizing sessions per year where you can come in and try on sizing samples for the items we offer in the store. The first of these sizing sessions will be at Climbing Camp.

Sizing Information/Guaranteed Fit Service

If you don’t want to wait for a sizing session, Jakroo offers sizing and dimensional charts to find your fit. They also encourage all customers to contact them for a fitting recommendation if they are unsure.

To receive a fitting recommendation, please return this form and Jakroo will get back to you.

Old Stock

There are still a number of Garneau items available with the current jersey design. Please contact the clothing manager to see what is available.