VCC Update – April 4, 2020

Cycling Canada and the Alberta Bicycling Association have updated their event status declaration. All events up to June 14 are either cancelled or postponed. Events already scheduled later in the year will have precedence when any decision is made to reschedule an event.

This means our May long weekend races are in the very least postponed. We will monitor the on-going evolution of the race calendar if and when the Alberta Health authorities feel it is safe to lift the COVID-19 restrictions.

These guidelines mean all group riding will be suspended until at least June 14 too.

Nonetheless, we have no local restrictions (yet) on individual riding outdoors – other than this winter that refuses to go away! Ed Heacock did get out for some riding when we had good temperatures last week and reported roads were fine. He drove out to the Olympiette Centre and rode to the southeast around Lake Miquelon.

Online Club Meeting

We’ll have a short online meeting this coming Tuesday, 7pm. Watch your email for the invitation, which helps prevent any Zoombomings. Our meeting link will not be available for public access on our website or social media profiles.

Saturday Zwift Ride

We’ve found a way to use a structured workout while we all ride together in Zwift.

When you join the Meetup, while we all wait to start during the last 5min-to-go time window you have the option (but it’s not necessary) to quickly click the Menu and enter the Workouts selector. You’ll see many folders available. I’ll be using the following: 6wk Beginner FTP Builder > Week 1 > Tempo. The ride will have some Tempo (Zone 3) intervals. You won’t have to select any workout to participate. But by default, with “Keep Everyone Together” enabled you will have a similar structured ride as the workout I’ve selected.  The workout is less than an hour, but our total Meetup time is 75mins. So, after the workout finishes we can all keep riding together on our own terms.

This weekend I’ve shifted the start time by 5mins. We now start at 11:05. Find and follow me through the Zwift Companion App. That’s the only way I can send you an invite.

Storms make oaks take roots.