VCC Update – March 26, 2020

I hope everyone is keeping well at home, yet finding your own way to stay active.

You’ve still got permission to train, even outside if the weather cooperates. It’s just that you MUST maintain the 2m physical separation from anyone not living with you.

This means despite how nice the weather might get anytime soon, NO club rides will be happening. Of course, it’s impossible to maintain a proper 2m separation while riding. And that rule is only helpful at walking pace and slower. It’s meaningless at riding speeds, because we all know what happens when someone sneezes or coughs anywhere in front of us. Don’t expect any club rides until we’ve lifted the physical separation rules.

Penticton Camp Cancelled

And I couldn’t in good conscience encourage anyone to make BC travel arrangements for the end of April. It’s highly unlikely the physical separation rule will be lifted by that time. We may even have more movement restrictions, not less. But let’s be hopeful that measures each and every one of us are taking now will make a difference.

Jakroo Store Suspended

Apologies to anyone who has lately been trying to put a discounted order into the store. I took it offline at the beginning of the week. Jakroo uses a China-based manufacturer, who still hasn’t returned to full operating capacity. They are behind in their orders. And besides, the latest inbound country travel restrictions may keep orders from landing here. When all of the disruptions have settled down we’ll reopen the store for the discounted club order.

And When the Weather Improves …

It will be ok to ride outside on your own (unless we enter some kind of complete lock-down mode). I just caution you to follow rural routes that you’re familiar with. Carry your cell phone and proper supplies to fix a flat. That means extra tubes even if you ride tubeless. If you struggle to change flats, here’s a useful video link from the team at GCN: Fixing A Flat Tire

Don’t ride too far or too hard. Eat well and sleep well. The activity and getting outdoors will be good for you physically and mentally.

When Not Feeling Keen to Ride Outdoors

There’s always indoors, like Zwift or TrainerRoad or your trainer in front of the TV.

I’ll keep on hosting a Saturday Meetup ride on Zwift. 11am for a 75min ride. Find and follow me through the Zwift Companion App to get invited.

The ocean can calm itself. So can you. We are both salt water mixed with air. – Naiyyirah Waheed

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