March 19 Update

Schedules don’t mean anything right now.

As optimistic as I’d like to be about our COVID-19 situation here in Alberta, looking at the data from China’s experience tells me our activities will still be restricted until at least mid-May. If we are lucky, and everybody commits to social distancing, in June we will start seeing life return to normal.

However, we are trying to be optimistic. We are continuing with planning our 2-day race event for May 17th (an ITT) and 18th (a crit). But in all likelihood it will be postponed or cancelled altogether.

That means our Penticton Training Camp at the end of April is unlikely to happen too. No call has been made yet. But you should avoid making any firm travel commitments.

In the near term, we will be holding our March 23 Club Update meeting via Zoom call. Dave Watson will be sending out details for joining the call in an email. That way only members will see the private online link we’ll share.

Join a Virtual Ride – Like Zwift

This Friday, at 13:25, the Dutch group Het is Koers is hosting a “Social Ride” event on Zwift. Pro cyclists from the Israel Start-Up Nation (ISN) UCI World Tour Team will be joining in. That’s almost like riding with Team Canada! Because you see, ISN is home to three of Canada’s top WT cyclists: Alex Cataford, Guillaume Boivin and James Piccoli. Use the Zwift Companion App to find the event and join these guys (and me) on this fun <2.5W/kg ride. None other than Andre Griepel will be the sweeper!

And then on Saturday I’ll again host our private Velo Meetup ride on Zwift. Remember you must be one of my followers to get invited to the Meetup. Search for and follow me using the Zwift Companion App. I’ll include you in the invite. These weekend I’ll be opening it up to everybody who follows me on Zwift. I wonder who will show up? We ride promptly at 11am on Saturday for 75mins.

What Are Your Cycling Goals?

I’m curious to hear from you. Knowing what some of you have for goals this season will help me and your executive ensure the club’s ride programming can help you along your journey.

I’ve also got a simple bodyweight circuit routine you can do at home while your local gym is closed. Just ask and I’ll send it to you.

Drop me an email and I’ll be sure to follow up:

Finally, If You Ever Needed Any Excuse to Ride …

Now is the time!

(Though I wish we’d be able to get outdoors. Spring time, where are you?? Quarantines don’t apply to you!)

But don’t get too carried away with it. Think more about some 80/20 training. As in, 80% of your training workouts are easy, very low Zone 2 heart rate sessions. The other 20% can be interval session workouts. Now is not the time to stress your immune system by logging heavy volume or tons of Zwift racing.

I’ll leave you with this little public service announcement from Hunter Allen and the rest of his team at Peaks Coaching Group:

 Be Advised:

  • Avoid crowded spaces – RIDE BICYCLES
  • Keep a safe distance from people who sneeze and cough – RIDE BICYCLES
  • Do not use public transit – RIDE BICYCLES
  • Expose yourself to sunshine – RIDE BICYCLES
  • Avoid recirculated air – RIDE BICYCLES
  • Boost immunity with fresh air – RIDE BICYCLES
  • Missing your exercise class? – RIDE BICYCLES
  • Staying home from work and school – RIDE BICYCLES
  • Maintain a positive and prudent attitude – RIDE BICYCLES