VCC Update – April 17, 2020

We’re all in this together despite the fact we’re committed to keeping our distance.

Unlike the numbers we see on our bike computers when riding, each COVID-19 “statistic” seen in daily updates is not a mere number. Each reflects a person with a whole constellation of other people in their lives. We’re doing our best to help save each and every one. Thank you for doing what you can to help.

On a very positive note, the better half of team Coach Kevin – my wife Dr. Ella, an intensive care physician at the Misericordia Hospital – reports that the current patient load in her ICU is well within capacity. The predicted surge hasn’t happened yet. Perhaps physical distancing is doing the heavy lifting and our medical system here in Alberta won’t become overwhelmed. So, from us both, thanks for staying away from each other!

But there is one side effect that is troubling. Some people with true health issues are waiting too long to seek health support. They arrive sicker making their care even more complicated. So, don’t put off seeking care too long if feeling unwell. Remind your friends and family too.

Cycling Canada Events Postponed

All events up to June 14 are postponed or outright cancelled. Cycling Canada will try finding open dates later in the season to reschedule if possible. This is the LIST of current event postponements and cancellations. On April 20, Cycling Canada will review the current national health recommendations and consider event status beyond June 14.

Following the national recommendations, Velocity have cancelled our two races planned in May. We have no immediate plans to reschedule later in the year. We are still committed to hosting the Velocity CX Race in October, and will double – triple – maybe quadruple?? – efforts to make it even better than last year. Please stay tuned, and hope the COVID cases will have completely run their course by then.

If you’ve been planning to race the Canadian National Masters Road Championships the weekend of July 4, they’re still on schedule. BUT, I’m not sure we should seriously think they’ll still run. I anticipate the review on April 20 will tell us.

For us in the cycling community, Cycling Canada has a FAQ list that may answer some other questions you have.

Is It Still Safe to Ride Outside?

Well, yes and no.

The weather is finally breaking into Spring. I’ve been outside for a ride myself. A simple out-and-back endurance ride. Circuit rides are your best idea. Be completely self-supporting. Know how to change your own flat tire.

A point in favour of riding outdoors is that our hospitals in the Edmonton area are not currently overwhelmed. If something unfortunate were to happen to you, you’d readily receive the care you need and hopefully be on your way home quickly.

On the negative side, you need much more than 2m to properly physical distance yourself riding (or running) outside. A joint study looking at droplet movements in runners and cyclists was done in Belgium and the Netherlands. They showed cyclists should distance 10m to 20m when riding one-behind-the-other. And passing should be in a completely different lane, 20m to the side. [REF:]

So, I think this rules out any riding on city trails. There’s no way you could pass anyone with a safe physical distance.

And while riding county roads, ride solo or only with someone you share your living space. Respect at least a 20m x 20m separation box in front of you and another one behind you. Overtake riders and walkers by moving completely to the other side of the road.  If you think you can do this safely, then ride outside.

Eat to fuel your riding on top of your regular daily nutrition. If you ride long and/or hard, but don’t refuel along the way, you will put your regular metabolism under stress. That risks injury and illness, which you must not do now or anytime during your training.

Avoid going out for any grocery shopping (or other errands) in the hours after you ride. Let your immune system be busy working on your training adaptations and not on-watch for germs.

If hospital cases start surging, and our medical system starts hitting capacity, then it’s time to think about indoor riding only. As I noted in the opening, we’re not there yet. If it reaches that point, we’ll likely have additional stay-at-home regulations to observe anyway.

As an indoor ride option, think about the …

Saturday Zwift Ride

My Saturday morning Zwift Meetup rides continue, 11:05am for 75mins. If I have a workout suggestion, it’ll be posted in the Meetup notes. The default “Keep Everyone Together” feature that I set will let everyone participate regardless of your abilities and whether or not you follow the workout. You might get pushed hard a little bit, but if you begin to fade and drop behind, Zwift will magically pull you back into our group. And if you feel like going a bit harder yourself, you can pull off the front as you wish.

Are you new to these Meetups? Then you must find and follow me (search for “Kevin Rokosh”) through the Zwift Companion App. That’s the only way I can send you an invite.

Or Try Another Virtual Cycling App Like FulGaz

Cycling Canada has a sponsored deal with FulGaz. You can get a free 4-week trial followed by a 20% discount on your ongoing subscription.

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Reflect for a moment on the question, “What am I doing that is working?” Strive to do more of what works each day!