VCC May 6, 2022

New Month, New Saturday Ride Time

If you’re not racing the Stieda Road Classic, then come join us for the Saturday club ride.

As we’ve turned the calendar, and hopefully turned towards warmer temperatures, our Saturday rides will now start at 10am.

This week we’ll be leaving from the Ardrossan Rec Centre and head north for a few short climbs … and maybe some “prairie hills,” also known as headwinds!

Please go look at the ride details and sign up for the ride on our Events Calendar:

Velocity Track Intro Session

This Monday, we’ll have our first track session from 5-7 pm.

This will be an open session for new and returning track cyclists. I’d be more than happy to help get you fitted to one of our club bikes and let you experience “one gear – no brakes” for yourself! Just bring your own pedals and we’ll have a bike for you to try.

In future sessions I’ll lead you through some structured track drills to help build your skills and give you a workout at the same time.

The velodrome clubhouse will be open with change rooms available before and after.

I’ve got all the details you need to know on our Events Calendar:

EMCC Tuesday Night Racing

This week the Masters event is a Criterium at Edmonton Research Park.

Here are your resources if you’re interested in participating this season:

Read EMCC’s general info sheet HERE>>> EMCC Info Sheet 2022

Read their Track Night info sheet HERE>>> EMCC Track Info Sheet 2022

See the full list of planned events HERE>>> EMCC Race Calendar

Grab your EMCC Membership at this link HERE>>> EMCC Karelo Registration Here

Wednesday Hill Circuit

I’m not making plans for our hill circuit yet for this coming week. I’m not here (going to Milton to watch the Track Nations Cup!) and we’d need a ride leader to take charge of the ride.

The first night should be a tour and sampling of the hills we’d like to put on the circuit going forward. With all of the construction on-going in the river valley, some of our favourite circuits might not be available.

If anyone would like to do some scouting for us this week, please let me know I’ll then make sure the first organized Hill Circuit starts on Wednesday, May 18.