September 14 – 20 Weekly Update

Winter’s On Its Way

Can it be? Snow so soon?

That’s great for ‘cross season, but not so fine for the roadies. We’re hoping this is just a snowy early fall blip in the weather. Heck, it’s not even officially fall yet.

To help you get ready to ride in these chilly temperatures, cycling strength coach Menachem Brodie has this brief YouTube video. He shares his tips to dress for temperatures around 0°C, like we’ll be facing this weekend. I like his tip about using packing tape to close the vents in the soles of your cycling shoes, and putting hand warmers inside your gloves.

With the weather all over the map this weekend, you’ll need to think carefully if you’re going to ride or not. But when I get both cold and wet, it doesn’t equal fun in my books. So please dress appropriately!

As of writing this post, I’m still heading to Jasper this weekend to support some hearty club riders. They’re looking to challenge themselves with not just the climbing, but now the weather too. For added context, see the quote at the end of the post.

Fall Weight Training Offer

Every cyclist should have some type of weight (or resistance) training in their program. Ideally, you maintain this year-round, especially if you’re about 35+ years old.

But maybe you didn’t know this, or have fallen off your program. Then fall is the time of year to get back into it.

If you want a group session weight training program, Juventus needs a few more riders to join their group.

Local triathlon coach Kevin Masters will run the sessions each Friday from the beginning of October to mid-December. Warmup starts at 6pm. Lifting begins at 6:30. Cost is $200 to join the program.

Please email Juventus’ coach Bruce Copeland as soon as possible to indicate your interest and/or get more details:

Weekly Ride Schedule

Like I said about the weather, use your judgement and dress appropriately if you’ll be coming out. If it’s raining or imminently going to rain (or snow!), we typically cancel a ride. But cold temperatures alone won’t necessarily keep us at home.

For this weekend all departure locations stay the same. But I’m looking at new start locations for the following weekend. If you’ve got a favourite to share, please send it to me!

Saturday departs from The Grange Save-On-Foods parking lot at 10am.

The Sunday Ride meets at 10am in the Spruce Grove Tri-Lesiure Centre parking lot for the loop north through Glory Hills.

The Tuesday City Hill Circuit meets in Hawrelak Park at 6:00pm for 4x Zoo Hill followed by 4x Emily Murphy.

Test your fitness and CX skills in the Midweek Cyclocross Race at Goldbar Park on Wednesday at 7pm:



If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

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  1. Really happy to see the video here, AND that you guys (and ladies) are doing Strength Training during the winter! Way to go!

    More than happy to do a free YouTube Live Q and A specifically for the VeloCity club on Strength Training or winter riding considerations, if you’d like.

    Let me know, and ride strong!

    -Menachem Brodie

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