VCC July 27 Update

Twitter … err … X …. whatever. We’re moving on!

I’ve found a new software extension for our website to post last-hour ride updates and any other time-sensitive messages.

If you are looking at grey skies or smoky skies and wondering, “Is the ride cancelled today?” then a yellow banner message will appear on the top of our website if any of our plans have changed. This banner should appear on both your phone and desktop views of the website.

I’ll post a test message there for the next couple of days. Please let me know if you don’t see the message on your device. I’ll try to figure out why and/or move to a different piece of software if this one isn’t stable across all platforms.

L’Étape Edmonton FREE Entry Draw

L’Étape Edmonton is just two weeks away!

Get the the club’s 20% discount code from me by midnight July 29 and you’ll to be eligible for the free entry draw I’m doing on Sunday, July 31. Email me at –

For the team competition, our club is awarded points for each person who registers. The longer the distance category you enter the more points we earn. As far as I can tell right now, it’s a participation contest. Our final placing results don’t factor into the competition. So the more members who enter, the better our chances of winning and generating some publicity for the club.

See all the event details on the L’Étape Canada website.

Saturday Club Ride

This weekend I’ve planned another big ride. 105km leaving from Charlesworth to loop around Ministik Lake and Joseph Lake. It’s at least forecast to be a dry day, but very windy from the southeast giving us mostly a tailwind on the way back.

Looking for Some Gravel Fun?

On August 20 the club will host an ABA-sanctioned gravel ride/race near Alder Flats, offering 2 open category distance options: 56km and 110km. They will be challenging routes, with riders expected to be mostly self-supported. Our full tech guide will be published soon along with a call for volunteers. Please spread the word!

Airport Fondo on September 9

The past couple of years we’ve been hosting our club members only Airport Fondo. There are 3 Fondo options to choose from: the Cessna (87km), the 737 (165km) and the Jumbo Jet (240km). All routes start together at the Olympiette Centre. The Cessna and 737 routes turn back earlier to the Olympiette Centre. The full Jumbo Jet route circumnavigates the entire city, touching down at as many of the local airports and airstrips as possible. A follow vehicle accompanies the Jumbo Jet, so support and a sag wagon option is never far away if needed. Go take a look on our Event Calendar to see all the details.

I’ve scheduled it for Saturday, September 9. The DV100 normally scheduled on that date has been cancelled this year. So this will give you another BIG RIDE option to challenge yourself instead.