VCC July 18 Update

For many years, Twitter has been the tool we’ve used to post all last-minute ride updates, like cancellations due to weather or air quality. It’s been quick and easy to send a message. Our Twitter feed was echoed in real-time on our homepage, so nobody would actually need a Twitter account to check for updates. Just head to the homepage, scroll down and take a look.

But a couple of weeks ago Twitter broke their interface to re-post our feed on our website. It now appears like we aren’t Tweeting anything. But we still do. Click the “View on Twitter” button on our homepage and you’ll see our updates. However, if you don’t have your own Twitter account, you won’t be shown the updates. This is hugely disappointing, as I’d rather you all not be forced into any social media channels just to see our updates.

Maybe the Twitter interface will be repaired soon. I’ve seen numerous forums talking about this, but Twitter hasn’t replied to anyone regarding the status of the problem. I’m looking for another solution.

In the meantime, I’ll still be using Twitter though. If you don’t have a Twitter account, consider opening one as a temporary solution on your side. Once I’ve gotten an “agnostic” solution back in place, you can go delete your Twitter account if it’s of no use to you.

Midweek Racing Returns to Research Park

This week crit racing returns to Research Park. Entry is $10. See details on the Edmonton MidWeek Racing website. Enter on Zone4 before noon Wednesday to participate: Wednesday Crit Entry

Saturday Club Ride

This weekend I’ve got a big 108km ride planned that cuts through the north end of Elk Island Park. The ride will start in Ardrossan. If you have a National Park Pass, please bring it in case Park staff ask to see it. I believe each pass is good for at least 5 cyclists to enter the park. That said, I’ve ridden through the north end of the Park in the past without being asked for a pass, as the gates up there are usually un-staffed.

Member Buy/Sell Listings

We’ve still got a couple of members with their bikes listed for sale in our member Buy/Sell Store. Take a look to see if either could be your “N+1” bikes!

Have gear of your own to offer? Send me a picture and description and I’ll post it for you. All transactions will be completed off-line directly between the buyer and seller. The club receives no commissions for any sales.

L’Étape Edmonton

After riding the 108km Saturday ride this week, you’ll be nearly event-ready for L’Étape Edmonton on August 13.

So, why not ask me for Velocity’s 20% discount code and also be entered in my FREE ENTRY draw on July 30?

Get the code by midnight by midnight July 29 to be eligible for the giveaway.

Shoot me a quick email with your request –

L’Étape Edmonton has events for all abilities and everyone in your family. The official Tour de France wraps up this week, but you can keep spirit alive for a few more weeks this summer!

Event details are on the L’Étape Canada website. Please sign up on their website for more event updates.