VCC April 18 Update

Link My Ride Instructions

Folks have been asking about using the Link My Ride app to get the route to their bike computers. I’ve had success using my Garmin 1030 and Garmin Connect on my iPhone.

In Link My Ride select your chosen ride and confirm you’re going to “Attend ride”. Tap “Download route (GPX).” > scroll across the apps and select “•••” > scroll down the apps and find “Connect” > Garmin Connect pops open asking “Select a course type” so select Road Cycling > tap “Save” as Public or Private (your choice). Now the route will appear in Garmin Connect in your list of “My Courses.” Tap the ride and then the Send to Device icon – it’ll be sent to your Garmin next time you sync the Garmin and your Garmin Connect account, either through Bluetooth or over WiFi if you have that available.

Check out this Saturday’s ride either on Link My Ride or on our website calendar. Remember, you can attend once as a non-member guest if you sign a waiver (either through the Link My Ride app or linked on our calendar). Then, you’ll need a club membership to keep participating. Even once you’ve taken out a membership, you’ve got 30 days to decide if you want to stick with the club.

April 22 to May 5 Jakroo Clothing Orders
This Monday the store is opening for the two-week ordering window. For sizing questions, download the Jakroo sizing chart from their website. And if you need any extra help, email our rep Ryan McKee He can help point you towards the correct sizing. Most items come in both Men’s and Women’s versions.

You’ll need to create a Jakroo account, or sign in to your existing account, to see what’s on offer in our store. Check it out now … but don’t place your order until Monday!

Monthly Club Meeting Monday
Watch your emails for a Zoom link to attend our monthly club meeting, this Monday, April 22 at 7pm.