VCC April 25 Update


Our Jakroo store is open now and accumulating your orders. Prices will be declining on each item for everyone as the orders build up. No need to wait because the final prices will be set for all on the last day (midnight May 5) of this ordering window.

Make sure you complete your order, not just put items in your cart.

Membership Reminder
We’ve had some big numbers out for our first rides. But it looks like maybe not everyone has their 2024 club memberships yet? At least our current number of Karelo orders isn’t quite matching our ride numbers.

So, if you haven’t gotten your membership yet, please go do that now:

Midweek Racing Club
This year’s Edmonton Midweek Racing begins soon, Wednesday May 15. It kicks off with an Individual Time Trial (ITT) on TWP 520, starting near the Olympiette Centre. More details will be coming to: Edmonton Midweek Racing Club

Velocity will need to supply volunteers and a potential route for the July 17 event.

Weekly MTB Ride Interest?
After a few years not hosting a club MTB ride, we’re reaching out this year to see if there’s enough interest to start hosting it again. Maybe this would be a Thursday night option? We’d need a designated Ride Leader. Ride Leaders need to be experienced MTB riders, can take charge if anyone gets injured, choose the course for the ride and help to usher everyone through the course. Please send me an email if you’re interested in the ride and/or helping out by leading the ride:

Weekly Gravel Ride Interest?
Because we’re hosting the Provincial Gravel Championships with our Afterburner Gravel event in September, we’d like to try offering a weekly Sunday Gravel Ride for fun and give members the opportunity to hone their gravel skills before race day.

I’m not a gravel rider (yet?), so this will also need another Ride Leader who can choose a course and make sure everyone completes the ride safely. Drop me an email if you’re interested in this weekly ride and/or could be one of our Ride Leaders:

Weekly Track Sessions Starting Soon!
Track night starts May 13 at 7pm with an introduction session. Our new indoor velodrome will be opening in just over a year … so come on out to our outdoor Argyll sessions to learn the skills you’ll need! And if you hold any kind of racing license – Road, MTB, Cyclocross, BMX – in my mind, spending some time on a velodrome should be almost mandatory.

Please circle the date on your calendar. No need to have your own track bike, because Velocity has their own stable of fixie steeds just waiting for you to bring your own pedals and get set up for the night.

Saturday Ride
With our Penticton Camp starting this weekend, myself and many of the experienced Saturday riders will be away. I’ve still planned a Saturday ride for you, but the ride will be technically “unorganized.” I’ve given you the same course as last weekend – just to keep it all familiar and help give you something you’ve already ridden. But if your group wants to head off in a little different direction, no problem. Just please be kind and don’t leave anyone behind.