VCC April 11 Update

Learn To Race Clinic

Next Saturday, April 20, I’ll be running the ABA’s first Learn To Race Clinic this season. If you’ve got any desire to try road racing, even if that’s just a mid-week crit, then this is a good $40 and single-day investment for you. You’ll even get 5 upgrading points for attending. You can register on the ABA website <<<HERE>>>

Link My Ride for Club Rides
The weather is doing its best to be kind to us. The next few weeks we’ll be meeting at the Olympiette Centre for our Saturday rides. I’ll be able to lead this weekend’s ride, but you’ll have to self-organize yourselves for the next 3 weekends. As mentioned above, on the 20th I’ll be running that Learn To Race Clinic. And then, the following 2 weekends some club riders and myself will be in Penticton for our annual Spring Riding Camp.

If you missed last week’s message, we now have a Link My Ride Club Account, and will be trialling the app for organizing our weekly rides. I’ll still be using the website Event Calendar to post rides, but if all goes well with Link My Ride, then later this season we could be using only it to keep everyone in-the-loop for our club rides.

To use Link My Ride as a club member, download the phone app for free and create your account. Then use the “Explore” map to find our club in Edmonton and request to join. Then see the posted rides in your Feed and join those you want to attend.

Link My Ride – Apple Version

Link My Ride – Android Version

April 22 to May 5 Jakroo Clothing Orders
Check your clothing. Anything old and worn out that needs replacing? Tore your skinsuit on a nasty cyclocross course last season?

Place your order anytime during the April 22 to May 5 window to accumulate the highest quantity order discounts for everyone. As the orders come in, and as a group we cross different price discount thresholds for individual items, then everyone gets the same best price on their orders when the window closes.

The store is open now for on-demand orders if you need something right-away. But hold off until April 22 to May 5 to get even better pricing. The Red jersey is our primary racing jersey. The White jersey is a summer club-riding optional jersey. And new this year is the BMX/MTB Flow jersey, that has an option for printing your last name on the back for a $10 extra fee.

Take a look at what we’ve got to offer: <<<Jakroo Store>>>

Penticton Riding Camp
Remember your passport for the day trip excursion into Washington State. And drop me a line if you’re joining us. I’ll add you to the WhatsApp group to keep everyone connected during the camp.