VCC Update – September 7, 2021

VCC Airport Fondo

Airport Fondo Fun

16 Velocity members took to the roads around YEG this past Saturday, with 8 of them making the epic 241km loop!

I created a Relive video to show you where we went: VCC Jumbo Jet Fondo

For many of us that day, it was our longest ride ever! Even for those that rode the 737 Fondo at 167km.

And for riders wanting a more usual Saturday ride, or who had other time commitments later in the day, we also had a Cessna Fondo that went to the Cooking Lake and International Airports – making an 87km round trip.

Mark your calendars now, because this ride will return next year.

Wednesday Hill Circuit Night

Remember, we have a new start time for the hill circuit: 6pm.

Register for this ride on the form >>>HERE<<< by noon Wednesday.


Registration for the DV100 in Drayton Valley closes at 10am on Thursday, September 9. Please see the DV100 website for all the details.

Personally, I’m not riding the event this year. I’m not confident about the current COVID scenario in the province. Drayton Valley itself has one of Alberta’s lowest vaccination rates.

However, if you’ve had both your vaccination shots, your chances of contracting COVID are of a similar magnitude to getting into a car accident on your way there. Use your own judgment about participating.

Be mindful of maintaining 2m physical distancing during registration pick-up, at the start line, and at all post-ride activities. Wear a mask wherever you can’t maintain 2m of distance. Carry your hand sanitizer and use it often. While riding, we know the risks of COVID transmission are very low.

To all those that choose to ride (or race) this weekend, GOOD LUCK. The DV100 has the best prize purse of any Alberta cycling activity – maybe even in all of Canada!

Saturday Club Ride

For members not heading to the DV100, please join me for our club ride at the Ardrossan Rec Centre. We will now start at 10am, to allow for the day to warm up a little more before we begin the ride.

The route is another new one of 71kms:

Save this link and/or download it to your GPS bike computer.

Pre-register by 8:30am Saturday morning for the ride >>>HERE<<<

Monday Track Nights Continue!

Ok, so we’ve still got enough daylight and hopefully warm temperatures to continue our track sessions until the end of September.

Please register yourself at: Monday September 13 Track Sign-Up

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