Velocity Airport Fondo

Are you ready for some BIG MILEAGE this Saturday?

We’ve planned 3 Fondo options for you to choose from: the Cessna (87km), the 737 (165km) and the Jumbo Jet (240km).

Why “airport” fondo? Because each route will “touch down” at some of the airports and landing strips in the greater Edmonton area.

Each Fondo route will start from the Strathcona Olympiette Centre, departing promptly at 8am on Saturday, September 4. All groups will leave together.

The Cessna Fondo will pass by the Cooking Lake Airport and turn back to the Olympiette Centre when reaching the north end of the International Airport.

The 737 and Jumbo Jet groups will continue to the Parkland Airport, where the 737 riders will start riding back to the Olympiette Centre.

The Jumbo Jet Fondo group continues riding to make a complete clockwise loop around the city, taking in the Villeneuve Airport, the old Namao Airbase, the Josephburg Aerodrome and finally the Lechelt Field Airsrtip.

You can see the route options at these links:

Please Sign Up By Thursday Evening

Consider your fitness level before signing up.

Anyone riding our regular Saturday club rides this season will easily complete the Cessna Fondo.

If you’ve had several 100+km rides this season, you should be able to handle the 737 Fondo.

If you’ve had a few 160+km rides this year, the big Jumbo Jet Fondo will be a challenge, yet if you stay on top of your eating and hydration you’ll get it done. We’ll be riding together the whole way, which will help. It’s a ride, not a race … until maybe the last 10km if you really want to see what’s left in your legs!

I’ll have my wife driving a support vehicle for the Jumbo Jet Fondo. You’ll be able to cache your extra food and drinks with her during the ride. She’s also a physician, so there will be medical help on hand if needed. Support stops are planned about every 30km along the routes.

The Cessna and 737 routes can share the primary support vehicle until their routes turn back towards the Olympiette Centre. If you have a friend or family member that could drive a vehicle to support either of those routes, there’s a place to indicate it on your sign up form.

Exclusive for Velocity Cycling Club Members Only

These are not Fondos for the general cycling population. They’re for club members only.

I’m planning to ride the Jumbo Jet, and will be the club’s Ride Leader for that distance. We will need Ride Leaders for each of the shorter Fondos, though, to ensure each ride finishes safely. Please consider being a Ride Leader by indicating on your sign up form. You’ll need to know the ride route, make sure everyone in your group finishes, and take charge if there are any ride mishaps.

Ride Leaders are mandatory for each Fondo option. If no one steps forward to be a leader for a Fondo, that route will be cancelled.

Here are each of your Sign Up Forms:

I’ll host an Airport Fondo Briefing at 5:30pm on Friday, September 3. Everyone who has registered by Thursday evening will get an email from me Friday morning with the Zoom Meeting link.