VCC Update – June 4, 2021

Saturday Group Ride

Stage 1 of the Alberta Open for Summer plan allows us to ride in a group of 10 while observing 2m physical distancing. This means we can ride in a single-file paceline, the same arrangement we had last year.

It’s not quite back to the social ride format, but it’s a start. And looking forward to Stage 2 of the Alberta plan, we will be allowed to ride as we used to as early as next weekend.

Given that opportunity to have outdoor sports activities without restrictions, I am delaying the next planned Group Riding Clinic until next Sunday, June 13. I can operate the clinic under the current restrictions, but it will flow even better if restrictions get lifted further. So, the clinic will happen next weekend, regardless if we reach Stage 2 re-opening or not.

The plan for this Saturday’s ride is to meet at the Ardrossan Rec Centre at 10am. The planned route will be this approximate 60km (2-ish hour) circuit:

Ardrossan North Strava Route

You must preregister for the ride by 8:30am on Saturday morning using this form >>>HERE<<<

You can add to your challenge for the day by riding out-and-back to Ardrossan on your own. Or, I’m likely going to add about another hour to my own ride after we’ve completed the main club circuit. You’re free to join me for those extra kilometres if you’d like more than 60kms of riding.

Summer Solstice Challenge

Looking ahead, we may be able to have more of an in-person experience for the the weekend of June 19-20. It will be a club cycling challenge to mark the longest day of the year and acknowledge Velocity Cycling Club as Edmonton’s longest-serving bicycling club. I’ll have details released next week.

You never have the wind with you — either it is against you or you’re having a good day.

Daniel Behrman