VCC Update – June 11, 2021

Saturday Group Ride

We’ve reached Stage 2 of the Alberta Open for Summer plan. Though Alberta Health hasn’t released their guideline document with the exact details, here’s what we can generally do now:

  • No riding group size limits – though much bigger than 12 and it’s safer for us to split into at least 2 riding groups anyway.
  • No physical distancing requirements during riding – 2-up side-by-side riding is ok where road conditions permit. But keep in mind this is technically illegal in Alberta and should only be done on quiet county roads where it is practical. Law enforcement has every right to challenge us when riding side-by-side. Be respectful and single-up when necessary.
  • 2m physical distancing is required during any social “standing around” before or after the group ride.

If I get an updated Stage 2 copy of the Alberta Health guideline document before Saturday’s ride and it tells me I’ve made any incorrect interpretations to the above, I’ll share it with you at the ride on Saturday morning.

The plan for this Saturday’s ride is to meet at the Ardrossan Rec Centre at 10am. The planned route will be this approximate 60km (2-ish hour) circuit:

Ardrossan East Strava Route

You must preregister for the ride by 8:30am on Saturday morning using this form >>>HERE<<<

I encourage you to carry hand sanitizer should any side-of -the-road mechanical assistance be needed among riders. I’m still requiring preregistration for the club ride.

Again this week, I’ll be adding on about another hour of riding after the “official” club ride on Saturday morning. Feel free to join me if you like.

Sunday Group Riding Skills Clinic

The clinic will start Sunday afternoon, 1:30pm, at the Strathcona Olympiette Centre/Fultonvale School.

Please preregister for the clinic using this SIGNUP FORM before 8:30am on Sunday morning.

The clinic will include a review of our group riding etiquette and best/safe practices. 2m physical distancing will be required while standing around listening to instructions, but not necessary during drill execution.

The majority of the drills will take place on the short loop of Ceretzke Rd, TWP 520, RR224 and in the Fultonvale School parking lot.

We will also go for a short group ride to put all the skills into practice.

Even if you attended the last clinic, feel free to come out again for some additional practice. A skilled rider is a confident rider.

There is a good list of best practices you should review in the April 16 club update >>>HERE<<<

Summer Solstice Challenge

Next Saturday, after our morning group ride, we’ll have a couple of additional challenges for you to consider later in the (almost longest) day :

  • A 5km Individual Time Trial on TWP 520, beginning and ending at the Colchester Community Hall. If you begin and end near the east entrance to the community hall parking lot, then your time will be captured on this Strava segment >>>HERE<<< Your choice if you want to ride full-on aero or old-skool Merckx-style.
  • An evening Zoom social get-together with your own “beverage” when I’ll host an at-home scavenger hunt. We’ll share some Velocity Club history along the way. The scavenger hunt will challenge you to find cycling-related gear and memorabilia that you have in your own home.

To capture your Time Trial performance, a free Strava account linked to your GPS computer or running the Strava app on your phone during the ride is all that’s needed to participate … But if you have none of these, let me know and I’ll personally time your ride! Just send me an email to coordinate:

When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race.

H.G.Wells (well, maybe)