VCC Update – April 24, 2020

Giro di YEG Coming Soon

As long as we’re all riding solo for who knows how long, I’m putting together a riding challenge for all Velocity club members. Something to engage you with riding this year and a prize to chase after, whether you’re a rider or a racer.

I’m calling it the Epic Season Giro di YEG.

I’ll create 4 riding routes, roughly one in each exterior corner of Edmonton (start and finish outside The Henday). Each will be similar to a group ride route I’ve posted in the past.

The challenge will have three Tiers:

  1. Complete each route at least twice this season. (Why twice? To stretch you a bit and make the time to get out there!)
  2. Complete the most distance on the four routes this season. (Maybe the leader board will be hidden and you’ll have no idea where you stand until the very end.)
  3. Achieve the lowest elapsed time accumulated from your four best times from each route. (Just like a Grand Tour of only 4 stages – but you’ll have more than one chance to set your best time!)

The Tier 1 competition will encourage everyone in the club, rider or racer, to participate. I’ll hold a random draw from all participants to declare the winner.

Tier 2 will need a method of monitoring total distance accumulated on just these 4 routes. The 54Blue Cycling Club that organizes the Climbduro have put some tech together using Strava that I believe will let me track this. They’ve offered to let clubs like ours use the same system. I’ve reached out to them for more info.

Tier 3 will need verified completed ride times on each route. Since we are riding solo this season (or mostly solo, unless we have a riding spouse to share the work), these times will almost certainly be individual achievements. I’ll use the same tracking tech as with the Tier 2 challenge.

No one can win all 3 challenges. Tier 3 will be awarded first and excluded from winning anything else. Then Tier 2 will be awarded, and then excluded. Finally, Tier 1 will be awarded. There will be a prize for each category, yet to be determined.

Of course you will have a limited time to achieve your results. I’m thinking of starting it the May long weekend and run through to the September long weekend.

Please stay tuned as I figure out all the details.

Cycling Canada Events Status Update Moved to April 27

Cycling Canada has pushed their next review of event statuses from this past Monday to next Monday, April 27. I believe the one week delay is to allow more time for COVID-19 travel and physical distancing restrictions to resolve. If the timeline can be accelerated, it will also allow riders more time to find some race experience before heading to a national championship event.

Individual provinces will probably have different plans to ease pandemic response restrictions. No doubt you’ve heard Saskatchewan is planning a limited reopening beginning on May 4.

Provincial cycling associations do not need to follow the lead of Cycling Canada (one way or the other) if their province is returning to normal out-of-step with the other provinces. The ABA’s Board of Directors will listen to Cycling Canada and our Chief Medical Officer of Health in determining the direction Alberta’s cycling scene should take.

Remember, Still No Group Riding

As a follow-up to last week, besides the obvious health risks of group riding we also risk losing a huge deposit of goodwill with rural residents, especially in Strathcona County.

We occasionally have problems with residents feeling we shouldn’t be on the roads in normal times. We’ve even had to drop Strathcona County as a venue for road racing and the Harvest Ride because of stringent marshalling and liability requirements put into place by the County.

Can you then imagine the flack created by anything even remotely appearing to be a group ride during the pandemic restrictions?

Yes, groups of 15 or less can still gather. But individuals must remain 2m apart. And as every reasonable person knows (as I pointed out last week) more than 2m is required for safe cycling.

Please go riding solo. Enjoy your time outdoors. But stay away from anything that might be perceived as a group ride. Even if you’re all wearing different cycling kit.

Be an ambassador for our club and cycling community.

Hospital cases are still well within capacity. You will not be a burden on the system in the very rare case of an accident on your ride.

Saturday Zwift Ride

Please feel free to ditch the Saturday Zwift ride and go solo outdoors!

I’ve still planned the Meetup this Saturday morning at 11:05am for 75mins. I won’t be offended if you ignore me and head outdoors. In fact, I encourage you! The weather forecast is looking quite good – just windy. And winds are Edmonton’s mountains!

Keep growing through whatever you’re going through.