VCC June 3, 2022

Saturday Club Road Ride

A similar, but not the same, ride as last week. Generally in the counter-clockwise direction this time, and crossing HWY 60 in two different places. A little out-and-back on the far west end of this loop to give us 70+km of total riding distance.

Start from the larger parking lot in the Edgemont Landing shopping complex (across Lessard Road from Hampton Terrace where we met last week).

This is our Beginner/Intermediate Endurance Road Ride, keeping the group’s speed in-check, for a no-drop experience for everyone. A big group (generally more than 10) will be split into 2 groups, with one group wanting to ride a faster pace.

Please see all the details and sign-up at:

Sunday “Rule V” Club Ride

Wondering what “Rule V” means? See “Rule #5” (and Rule #20, and maybe consider all 95 of the Velominati’s Rules) >>> on this page <<<

If you really want to HAMMER, then this is your advanced club ride. It will have a route, but that’s only to help get you back in case you get dropped. Don’t necessarily expect the other riders to wait for you.

Meet at the Acheson Truck Stop, west on HWY 16, at 10am. The ride will head northwest, into the Glory Hills area … where you just might find some “glory” yourself! Depending who shows up, expect the distance and difficulty to vary week-to-week.

Here are the (loose) details:

Velocity Track Session

Big thanks to Randy Murcheson who came out to do a mechanical check of our club’s fleet of track bikes. Most are in fine working order. New tubes are on hand if needed. Fresh batteries for each bike’s cyclo-computer are now available too. So you can put your own GPS in your pocket to record your effort for the evening, and have speed available on the handlebar using the bike’s own cyclo-computer.

Join us every Monday (except when it’s wet/raining or a public holiday) from 5-7 pm for some drills and fitness building.

See all the details on our Events Calendar:

EMCC Tuesday Night Racing

This week the Masters event is a Criterium at Edmonton Research Park.

Links to the details are on our Events Calendar:

Wednesday Hill Circuit

Our circuit starts at 6:30pm from Hawrelak Park. Expect about 2 hours of some hard hill riding. Last week we accumulated about 450m of climbing

Details and sign-up are here: