VCC July 29, 2022

Velocity Criterium

Thanks again to all of you who volunteered last Saturday. The event was a success and we look forward to using the venue again next year.

Saturday Club Ride

This week we’ll start on the west side of the city and ride between Woodbend and Graminia. If you’re not headed down to race in the Tour de Bowness, or otherwise out-of-town for the long weekend, please come join us!

Sunday “Rule V” Club Ride

The advanced hard and hilly Sunday ride starts on the west side. Meet at the Acheson Truck Stop, west on HWY 16, at 10am.

Details are here:

Velocity Track Session

We are awaiting repairs to the crack on the velodrome. If I keep you in small groups, or completely separated, then we can still use the track for our weekly session. The only thing that might change those plans is whatever work gets underway to fix the crack.

That said, as this coming Monday is a statutory holiday, the velodrome will be closed. Our next session will be Monday, August 8.

EMCC Tuesday Night Racing

This week the Masters event is another of their exciting criterium formats at the Edmonton Research Park.

Links to the details are on our Events Calendar:

Wednesday Hill Circuit

Get your climbing legs out for our Hill Circuit, starting at 6:30pm from Hawrelak Park.

Details are here:

L’Etape Edmonton by Tour de France

Register NOW for L’Étape Edmonton by Tour de France. Use the code VELOCITY for 20% off your entry. If that code has expired, then TDF20 should work instead.

Here’s their website for full details and registration: 

Velocity Airport Fondo

Mark the date Saturday August 27 for this year’s edition of our club-only Airport Fondo. The rain-out date will be Monday, September 5.

For those new to the club, “What’s the Airport Fondo?”

There are 3 Fondo options for you to choose from: the Cessna (87km), the 737 (165km) and the Jumbo Jet (240km).

Why “airport” fondo? Because each route will “touch down” at some of the airports and landing strips in the greater Edmonton area.

Each Fondo route will start from the Strathcona Olympiette Centre. All groups will leave together.

The Cessna Fondo will pass by the Cooking Lake Airport and turn back to the Olympiette Centre when reaching the north end of the International Airport.

The 737 and Jumbo Jet groups will continue to the Parkland Airport, where the 737 riders will start riding back to the Olympiette Centre.

The Jumbo Jet Fondo group continues riding to make a complete clockwise loop around the city, taking in the Villeneuve Airport, the old Namao Airbase, the Josephburg Aerodrome and finally the Lechelt Field Airsrtip. At 240kms, this could be your biggest ride ever!

You can see the route options at these links:

Watch the club updates in the coming weeks for final details and the sign-up form.