Super-Important March Update

Casino Volunteers Still Needed!

This is it, the final 3 days before our casino fundraising event – and we still need more volunteers.

It’s like that final push to the finish line – just gear down and push on!

Specifically, we’re short Cashiers and Count Room on both days. If you already work one of those positions yourself, please consider working again for us (remember, you can only work one position TYPE during the event, but you can work more than one shift).

Here’s the link to our volunteer sign-up sheet:

Head to our website homepage if you need to find job descriptions for any position. No experience required. Any training you might need will be given on-the-spot.

And it would still be helpful to have a few standby people available too – in the unforeseen case that one of us gets sick and can’t work.

Monthly meeting this week too…

Our monthly update meeting is tomorrow, Wednesday, March 13, 7-9pm, at our usual venue, the Community Boardroom in the MEC Downtown location.

More Fun Race Ideas This Season

Besides the full ABA calendar of events, make sure to remember the Edmonton Masters Cycling Club hosts Wednesday Night Racing too.

Participation is fun and easy. As a Velocity member you only need to take a second claim EMCC membership in order to participate. Please see EMCC’s poster here for more details: EMCC Info Sheet 2019

Have cycling kit in need of stitching?

If you need a zipper replaced, or think that crashed skin suit can be repaired, our VP Kevin Coghlan has found a great tailor who can get the job done. He got a busted zipper replaced in his favourite skin suit.

Please email VP Kevin if you want more info: vicepresident@velocitycyclingclub.ab