VCC May 22 Update

Air Quality Reminder

While we put up with these smoky skies, any time the AQHI reaches 7 or higher our rides will be cancelled. I use Twitter to post all ride cancellations and/or modifications. Our Twitter feed is echoed on the lower half of our website homepage for everyone wanting to see a quick look at the latest ride updates. If you’re not a Twitter subscriber, use our homepage.

Edmonton Midweek Racing

We’ve rescheduled this Wednesday’s race to be a criterium at the Northlands EXPO Grounds.

  • C group starts at 6:35pm to race for 20 min plus 3 laps
  • B group starts at 7pm to race 25 min plus 3 laps
  • A group starts at 7:40pm to race 35 min plus 3 laps

Registration is open on Zone4 and closes noon on race day. No registration on site.

Sign on and pick up your numbers up on-site for your start time.

Please ride to the venue if possible and enter grounds from Borden Park side. If driving please park at Borden Park or close to the grounds and ride over. There are washrooms at Borden Park.

This week Velocity is the Midweek Racing host. Peter Sherstan, Ed Heacock and Aaron Mumby are the volunteers. Please get yourself to the race venue no later than 6pm.

Stieda Classic Race Weekend – May 27-28

Race weekend is fast approaching and organizers are concerned with the low registration numbers right now.

This event will proceed as planned regardless of the entry numbers.

However there is the possibility that wildfires may continue to impact the air quality.  Should the AQHI be above acceptable levels (>=7), the event(s) may be cancelled, in which case organizers will refund a minimum 50% of your entry fee. Those decisions will involve the ABA and the race organizers, but won’t be made until after registration closes.  Should you choose not to start the event due to poor air quality, organizers will also offer a refund.

I know that racers sign up last minute, but they also look to the confirmed list to gauge whether it will be a quality field and hence a quality race. The organizers feel that a strong advance registration will entice others to enter, especially out of town racers requiring travel. If you are considering entry, please sign up as early as possible to allow the event to generate the momentum of numbers.

Here are the event links:

And a final reminder, I’ll be scheduling a Zoom briefing for all Velocity racers this Thursday evening. If you’ve emailed me your intentions to race, I’ll be sending you the meeting invite.

Let me know your intentions if you haven’t already:

Review the Events Calendar

Remember, review the Events Calendar for all of our regular scheduled weekly ride start locations, times and routes.