VCC June 1 Update

Rain-Out Notices

Perhaps the smoky skies are gone for a while now. But June is one of Edmonton’s rainiest months. We had to cancel last night’s Midweek Criterium 15 minutes before starting as not only rain, but lightning rolled in too. ABA protocols (and common sense) mandate we cancel all activities with lightning in the area. If you didn’t get the message on-site yesterday, those who had a paid registration can use it to race next week. No need to register – Bruce will simply copy this week’s start list over to next week.

For our own club rides, I will do my best to make a final rain-out cancellation no later than 1 hour before a scheduled ride start time. If it’s already raining, or showing at least a 60% chance of rain in the first hour of the ride, I’ll call it off. Hopefully you know now to check either the club’s Twitter feed directly, or its re-posting on our website homepage.

Hill Circuit

I’ve got a schedule conflict tomorrow night and won’t be at the circuit. But a few of the guys who’ve been out so far this year will try to make it, weather permitting. They know the route we usually take. Please follow their cues. It’s 3-4x up Zoo Hill. 2x up Fortway Road and the Legislature Grounds. Then a couple of sprints up Emily Murphy to finish the night.

Saturday Club Ride

We’ll jump back to the Olympiette Centre the next 2 Saturdays. Leave at 10am. All the details are on our Event Calendar.

Members’ Buy/Sell Shop

If you’ve got some equipment you’d like to sell, why not try offering it up here on our website first? The website will not be used to complete the transaction, but rather to list the items and bring buyers and sellers together off-site to complete the sale.

I’m looking for a few beta-testers to see if the feature I’ve installed on our website will work for us. Please send me a word description, a picture (or a few if needed), the price and your contact info. I’ll get it listed on the website. Maybe by the time you get around to reading this email some gear will already be posted!

NEW this year! We're trying out Link My Ride for sharing weekly ride details.