Urgent Call for Casino Volunteers

Your Club Needs You More Than Ever!

As we gear up for our Casino Event on March 25 and 26, we’re reaching out to you with a critical update and a heartfelt plea. We’re currently short by 15 volunteers. Your club needs your help to bridge this gap.

The Situation

Imagine a Casino Event where you spend more time catching up with your fellow club mates than doing any real “hard work” in any of the volunteer positions. You learn how everyone’s winter training has gone and share plans for this season. This is a cornerstone for both fun and fundraising for our club.

Now, picture the opposite – a scenario where we’re unable to host this event due to a lack of helping hands. And we walk away from an easy $70k+ for our programming. This isn’t just about an event; it’s about sustaining the vibrant community spirit that defines us.

The Impact

Without your participation, we risk losing our casino license for not only this event, but all future casino events too. We lose the opportunity to fund-raise effectively for our beloved club. These funds are vital for maintaining our activities, supporting our members, and ensuring that we continue to thrive as a community.

How You Can Help

This is where you come in. By volunteering a few hours of your time, you can help avoid this scenario. We need 15 more heroes from our club to step up and make a difference. Whether you’ve volunteered before or this is your first time considering it, your contribution will be invaluable. No experience is necessary. You only need to be 18+ to help out. And if you’ve already taken one shift, can you do that same job on another shift? That’s the only limit to helping out. You can only work one job position during these two days. So if your schedule allows, please join those of us who are working both days.

Join Us – Be a part of something bigger. Ensure the success of our Casino Event and, by extension, the future of our Velocity Cycling Club.

To volunteer, simply fill an open slot on our Volunteer Sign Up Sheet. Your action today can change the course of our club’s journey tomorrow.

Together, we can turn this challenge into a triumph. Let’s not let this opportunity slip through our wheels. Volunteer now, and let’s make this event a success for everyone!

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