How To Become a Track Commissaire

velodrome lines explainedYou don’t need to be a track racer to be involved with track racing. How’s that?

By becoming a Track Commissaire.

What’s a “Commissaire?” It’s the traditional French name we use for cycling’s race officials. And as you know, without officials, we don’t have bike races.

To prep for our upcoming Provincial Track Championships running the weekend of July 28-29, Velocity’s own UCI Track Commissaire Mike Pinkoski is hosting a 2-night training session this week and next.

Mike has extensive experience at the National and International level. He’s Alberta’s principle track commissaire instructor too and a respected member our our cycling community.

The training will be provided at the rock-bottom price of: $0! Yes, no cost to you!

His plan is to provide entry level Track Commissaire training and then to discuss and review videos of race incidents. It might be interesting for anyone who likes to see unpublished videos of incidents not available on YouTube or UCI TV.

When and Where Are the Training Sessions?

Mike will be conducting the training sessions on some combination of the next 2 Mondays and Wednesdays. Based on his early responses, the likely dates will be the this  Wednesday and next Monday, i.e., July 18 and 23.

They’ll be running at the Argyll Velodrome Clubhouse.

What You Should Do Next …

Reach out to Mike via email and let him know you’re interested, and if you have any overwhelming preference of Mondays or Wednesdays for the training sessions. Send your email ASAP to: Expect Juventus to provide the final coordination.