3 Special Updates!

1. Jakroo Store Shutdown Monday

Remember to order your new 2019 kit design before the end of the day, Monday, April 29. You’ll secure the best pricing for yourself and the rest of your club.

CLICK HERE: http://shop.jakroo.ca/Velocity-Cycling-Club-2019

2. Castrol Raceway Criterium DATE CHANGE

Don’t know why, but the race has moved to WEDNESDAY this week.

Details here: 2019 Crits At Castrol

3. New $1000 Donor Support for Perron Street Crit

The St. Albert Nordic Ski Club has kicked in $1000 to help fund the St. Albert Perron Street Crit on May 19!

Velocity is co-hosting this crit with Cranky’s Cycling Club. With support like this, including 5-figure support from the City of St. Albert, this could be the start of something classic for years to come!

Though St. Albert Nordic hasn’t attached any strings, they would welcome some casino volunteer support from Velocity at their upcoming casino event, May 7 & 8. If you can lend a hand, please take a look at the (few) positions they have left to fill: https://www.volunteersignup.org/R9XEM