VCC Update – May 22, 2020

COVID-19 physical distancing message

Jakroo Clothing Back On Sale!

With some stability returning, our Jakroo Store is open again for the 2-Week Best Pricing Sale. Get your orders in before 11:59pm June 8 at: Velocity CC Jakroo Shop.

To create our “bulk” order and guarantee pricing for a minimum club quantity of 6 total items per clothing style, all orders will be held for processing until June 8. Delivery will then be scheduled for: June 22.

If an item you select doesn’t achieve the minimum total club order quantity of 6, then expect that item’s price to be about 20% higher.

Now is the best time to order something you missed out on last year (like our summer “white” jersey), or get your first piece of club kit! Remember to complete your look with a club Bodo (neck warmer) and cycling cap. The Bodo also works as a sporty face mask during these COVID-19 times.

(Note: The white jersey design is for training rides only. If you race, you must race in our ABA-approved red jersey design.)

Important Information

Tracking information will be emailed to each customer 2-3 days prior to your actual delivery date.

FedEx typically delivers around 10:30am and requires signature release. Please use your tracking information email to contact FedEx directly for options of signature release for your delivery.


Items can always be available for re-orders, starting at the 2-5 volume tier. Re-orders are on demand, and will be sent to production as soon as they are submitted and delivered 2 weeks later. So if you miss out on this initial ordering window that closes on June 8, then you can still place an order. But it will cost about 20% higher than what you can get right now.

So place your order TODAY!

Sizing Information/Recommended fit

Jakroo recommends using their body sizing and dimensional charts found HERE, but encourage all customers to contact them for a fitting recommendation if you are unsure.

To receive a fitting recommendation, please email our (new) Jakroo Account Manager Ryan McKee ( with the following measurements:

Desired fit style (ex. fitted, loose)
Waist (at navel)

Find Your Fast in the Giro di YEG

Without any sanctioned events in the near future, you can still test yourself …

Set your own Personal Best time! Or Find Climbzilla!

The first stage of the safely social distanced Giro di YEG starts Tuesday May 26 with …

Velocity’s Ardrossan Prologo Tappa – Giro di YEG

We’ve partnered with Climbduro to bring all of Edmonton’s cycling community (not just Velocity) the opportunity to challenge themselves for bragging rights, help drive charitable contributions and earn draw prize entries! There may even be a little something on offer just for Velo riders – stay tuned!

To participate, open your Climbduro account and link your Strava account. REGISTER HERE

Watch this short video. It walks you through it all.

Then JOIN the Prologo Tappa Challenge!

Another handy how-to video right here:


Recent subscription changes to Strava have NOT impacted the integration between Climbduro and Strava.

However, there’s no guarantee Strava will leave it that way. At least Strava has a 60-day trial, if needed. And moving forward, getting the full value from your free participation in Climbduro Challenges would make a paid Strava account a no-brainer decision.

Still No Group Riding

Though outdoor gathering numbers have been relaxed to 50 people, the 2m physical distancing requirement stays in place. In our cycling community we’re still working on how best to stay on-side of these guidelines.

This means group riding is still a no-go, unless you are riding with members of your own household.

The Quebec Cycling Federation has released their guidelines for Return to Play. It’s still a very different world from what we’re used to. At best, competitions will be some kind of solo time trial-like activities. If and when group riding returns, it’ll start with maximum 8 riders in a paceline group.

The Alberta Bicycling Association is working on our own Return to Play procedures. Expect them to be somewhat similar to Quebec’s.

Getting back to group riding goes “foot-on-pedal” with your community responsibility to keep the pandemic curve as flat as reasonable. Edmonton has been spared the worst only because we’ve had a dose of luck mixed with cooperative citizens. Please, let’s continue to keep it that way until the pandemic has passed.

Volunteers Needed to Pilot Senior Trishaws

GEF Seniors Housing are doing their best to provide seniors with opportunities to be outside and engage in safe ways.

They own three trishaw bikes to take seniors out for a rides in the community.

Are you willing to volunteer some pedal time? They need volunteers to pilot these trishaws a few times this summer. Everything would be done in a safe manner, following all provincial health guidelines including masks.

If you want to help out, please contact Shelby Johnston by email or phone call 780-733-7682.


Show your grit and determination when challenged.