VCC October 7, 2022

Late “Summer” Riding!

While I’m out in Nova Scotia, visiting my daughter (and riding too!), you’re all experiencing another crack at summer riding it seems! If you have a chance, take a look at my posted Strava rides to see the secret sea level training I’m doing.

As I tell all the people I coach individually, take advantage of all these last remaining good-weather days and get out there! You’ll soon have many weeks of indoor riding. No sense starting them sooner than necessary.

So while I’m not there this weekend to ride with all of you, I’ve picked a route that should have some colourful fall foliage. It’s the circuit on the west side, through the Devonshire Meadows and past the Clifford Lee Nature Sanctuary (the Stieda Road Race course if you recall). Just be mindful of the potholes on this course. At least there should be no cow paddies as I heard some of you encountered during Roger’s Harvest Ride last weekend!

Sunday Rule V Ride

Whether you come to this ride and see how far your late-season fitness will take you or you head out on your own, you just gotta take advantage of this weekend’s weather!

The Rule V Ride meets 10am at The Enjoy Centre in St. Albert.

Wednesday Night CX Worlds

‘Cross racers, this week’s event stages at Argyll at 6:30pm. A, B, and C ability categories offered. MTB bikes are welcome for new ‘cross racers. This could be the last mid-week event this season. Please confirm with the organizers.

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