VCC February 2022 Update

City of Edmonton “Ribbon of Green” Project 

The City has embarked on a renewal project to change the strategic direction of public use in the river valley.

ABA president Shantel Koenig has attended the Stakeholder Engagement Sessions presented so far, and has been left underwhelmed with the City’s ongoing support and engagement of our mountain biking community.

Despite the responsible use and support of organizations like our various cycling clubs and the Edmonton Mountain Bike Alliance, we could lose most of the access to mountain bike trails in the river valley going forward.

You can read about the City’s Ribbon of Green initiative >>>HERE<<<

It is important that your local City councillor hears the voices of our cycling community. They need to hear that you would like to continue responsible use of the mountain bike trails in the river valley. If you’re a mountain bike enthusiast and enjoy using the trails, please send an email to your councillor telling them you don’t want to lose access.

Also, I’m sure Shantel would also like to know how broad and wide support is within the community. If you’ve got any ideas you’d like to share with her, please send your email to her through the ABA info email address:

Spring Riding Camp

Are you riding consistently? Hitting the XC ski trails building your winter fitness? Then you should join us at the end of April to kick off your outdoor riding in BC’s Okanagan Valley.

We’ll be heading to Penticton for 7 days of road riding from April 24th to the 30th. We have a block of rooms at the Tiki Shores Motel. Please call them direct to book a room: 1-866-492-8769. Or stay where you choose and meet us each morning to depart from the motel.

Winter Cross Country Ski Meetups

There are a few weeks of snow left. Send Ed Heacock an email if you’d like to be on his list to hear when and where he’ll be skiing each weekend:

Zwift Weekend Rides

Until we can reliably start our outdoor weekend rides, I’ll continue leading a Saturday morning Zwift Meetup ride. If you haven’t done so yet, put your name on my Zwift Signup Form <<<HERE>>>

Trainer Road Group Sessions?

I know some of you are Trainer Road users. TR has a group workout feature. I’m not using the platform myself, but if you’d like to train with some of your Velocity club mates, and might be interested in organizing a session or two yourself for the club, please send me an email. Let’s see if we can get something going before the outdoor training season returns: