November 23 - 29 Weekly Update

Annual General Meeting on Monday

Our AGM is just around “turn 4” (in velodrome-speak):  Monday, November 26, 7-8:30pm.

Show support for your club, and its direction in 2019.

Giant Bicycles Cafe: 9835-63 Ave. The Club will have coffee and snacks (maybe even beer) in the cafe too.

If you have anything special you’d like to discuss for our 2019 season, please email your thoughts to Club President, Ed Heacock:

Coronation Velodrome Approval – Pending!

We’ve hit a do-or-die milestone with the Coronation Rec Centre redevelopment. The province WILL NOT provide any funding for the project, contrary to what we thought this past spring. But all is not lost!

Edmonton City Council is on the verge of approving the final $16 million in funding to get the project rolling in 2019!

Most City Councilors seem keen to just get on with building the new rec centre in Coronation. That ward supports it. They have been living without a local multi-purpose centre long enough. But some Councilors think the cycling track is not necessary.

Doesn’t Edmonton have enough pool-hockey rink-soccer field rec centres already? I think it’s time to build something unique. Let’s build a tri-sport facility, with swimming, running and cycling involved.

Do you have a positive story to tell about your own cycling journey? Can you apply it to a vision of Edmonton supporting our cycling community by building an indoor velodrome? Then now is the time to send a letter or email to Council.

We don’t want to push toward the elitism of competitions. We want to push a positive, inclusive message. along the lines of the “Active for Life” philosophy.

Throughout the month of December, Council debates their 2019 budget. If you could send a short letter to the Mayor and each of the Councilors, your voice may be the one worth $16 million to secure Council’s majority vote to fund the rest of the project. Send your letter no later than December 7 – to be sure it’s read in time.

Weekly Ride Schedule Summary

The snow has ended our regular scheduled rides. Anything new you’d like to see offered next season? Send Coach Kevin your thoughts:

If you believe enough in the process, success will come to you. You just have to be willing to see it through to the end.