May 24 – 30 Update

Sunnyside ITT Great Success

Velocity and Cranky’s hosted 94 racers in the Sunnyside ITT . That’s more than double the entries we received last year! We could be onto something here, and hope to continue hosting this event next year.

Velocity members were all over the top ten results on Monday. Here are the podium winners (Velocity members in bold):

Women’s 1/2/3

#1 Kim Walter

#2 Gail Wozny

#3 Lindsay Somerset

Women’s 4/5

#1 Kate Snihur

#2 Colleen Malcolm

#3 Amanda Scott

Cat 5

#1 Steven Boehm

#2 Franky Thibaudeau

#3 Cameron Braaten

Cat 4

#1 Jesse Bauer

#2 Greg Cote

#3 Lonnie Chin

Cat 3

#1 Alan Sutherland

#2 Mat Meurer

#3 Josh Denison

Cat 1/2

#1 Warren Muir

#2 Mitchell Thomas

#3 Matthew Bennett

Full results can be found HERE:

Join Us on Sunday Afternoon for Fixed Gear Fever

Your first time, or as a refresher for old track legs …

Sunday afternoon, May 26 from 3-6pm at the Argyll Velodrome.

Drop in starting at 3pm and we’ll get bikes set up. Bring your own pedals, shoes and helmet and get set up on a club track bike. Of course, bring your own bike if you’ve got one!

Riding will start at 4pm. And we’ll have access to the clubhouse too.

Send me an email so I know how many club bikes to pull from the garage:

Highwood Pass Climbing NEXT Weekend

June 1 and 2 club members are invited to head to the Kananaskis area. Most of us are booking hotels/condos in Canmore. Some will be camping in the Longview and Kananaskis Park areas.

I want to compile an email list of everyone riding. Even if you’ve told me your intentions, please email me again:

I need to keep everyone in the loop for the ride plans and a dinner on Saturday night that Paul will be hosting at his condo accommodations.

Weekend rides will continue as usual for those that stay at home.

Club Weekday Ride Schedule

Monday is Hill Circuit night. Leaving from Hawrelak Park at 6pm. We’ll ride Zoo Hill and the Legislature Grounds.

Threshold TT intervals leave from the old Colchester School Site on Thursday at 6pm. Expect about 2hrs riding.

Weekend Rides

The Saturday ride leaves from the Olympiette Centre at 10am for a 63km loop. I’ve changed it slightly from last week, so we can use the HWY 16 overpass going north and south. Much safer getting across HWY 16 using the overpass near Ardrossan.

Please see the Strava Route posted here:

The Sunday morning ride leaves at 10am from the Enjoy Centre in St. Albert. This ride tends to be an intermediate level ride because for the rolling terrain and smaller group that comes out. We’ll head into the rolling Glory Hills area north of Spruce Grove/Stony Plain.

The final return route plot now avoids Ray Gibbon drive. It takes a short circuit into St. Albert and onto bike paths to get back to the Enjoy Centre.

Please see this Strava Route:

Training Questions?

Remember you can book a Friday Quick Spin Coaching Call with me. Just schedule your call HERE:


You win not by chance but by preparation. – Roger Maris

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