VCC September 15 Update

Airport Fondo Success

What a day! It was perfect weather for any ride, let alone the club’s epic Airport Fondo! 4 riders did the Cessna loop (94km), 2 the 737 route (166km) and 6-1/2 the enormous Jumbo Jet circuit (247km). I counted a half rider on the Jumbo Jet not because someone was too exhausted to continue, but Jenny W. could “only” ride about half the circuit with us. She still put in about 188km! You could say, though, that club Hardman, Arneil D., added Jenny’s unfinished distance to his own day. Not only did he ride the Jumbo Jet, but he rode to-and-from the Olympiette Centre start location too – logging an incredible 307km!

All who rode that day, make sure to take a few moments to sit down and appreciate what you accomplished. I believe for everyone on the Jumbo Jet circuit, it was your longest ride ever. Congratulations!!

Saturday Ride

Back to regular scheduled riding this weekend. Meet 10am at the Olympiette Centre for a more usual 77km club ride. Please don’t look for me at the ride. I’ll be landing in Poland that morning as I begin my 3 week European holiday. If all goes well, I’ll be back for our October 7 ride.

Roger’s Harvest Ride

Then next Saturday we have another special ride – the annual Harvest Ride in memory of Roger Tetrault.

With the post-ride BBQ, we need everyone to sign up for this ride to get the food planned. Friends and family not riding are also welcome to join, but please sign up too so we can plan food their food.

We encourage each of you to make a Cancer Foundation donation, either in Roger’s name to support Skin Cancer or in another name in an area of cancer research that has special meaning for you: Donate – Alberta Cancer Foundation

Rule V Ride

Remember folks, the Sunday Rule V ride is still on the schedule – though it’s not for the faint of heart. It’s the hammer fest, where you will be pushed to your limits – and maybe beyond! Find the details on the club calendar.

Need help navigating the Air Quality ratings? Check out the club's Air Quality Policy and related resources: