VCC January 2024

Welcome to a New Season at Velocity!

Happy New Year and a hearty welcome back to all of you at Velocity Cycling Club! As we gear up for another exhilarating year of cycling, camaraderie, and challenges, we’re thrilled to reignite our passion for the sport we all love. This year promises to be filled with exciting opportunities, not just to push our limits on the road but also to forge lasting friendships and create unforgettable memories.

Casino Event Volunteers Needed!
First on our agenda is the upcoming Casino Event, a fantastic opportunity for fun and fundraising! Mark these dates on your calendar: March 25 and 26 (a Monday and Tuesday). Soon we’ll be calling on our enthusiastic members to volunteer and help make this event a resounding success. Your support is not just vital; it’s what makes our community so special. To join the volunteer team, watch for the Volunteer Sign Up sheet to be released in the next week.

2023 Race Fee Reimbursements
Also, applications for 2023 race fee reimbursements are now open. This is our way of supporting your competitive spirit and dedication (and a gentle reminder that your reimbursements are made possible through the casino funds we receive). To apply, send me (Coach Kevin an email with each of your receipts and an itemized summary (preferably in a simple spreadsheet or table) of all your entry fees. Only sanctioned Alberta Bicycle Association events will qualify. Sorry, fondo events do not qualify. You’ll have until about April 1 to submit your application – but the sooner the better so our Treasurer Paul can get everything sorted.

Remember, as you look through your race receipts it’s not just about the races you win, but the challenges you embrace along the way. Your time is now to begin getting ready for the 2024 races! Which brings me to …

Saturday Zwift Group Rides Are Back!
And, for those who love the combination of tech and training, our weekly Saturday group rides on Zwift are starting up again! These virtual rides are a fantastic way to stay connected and maintain your training through our snowy cold winters. All levels are welcome, so let’s make every pedal stroke count together. Most rides will start at 10:30am.

I will invite you to a Meetup ride. But only Zwifters who are following me can get an invite from me. If you’re not already following me, search for me by name (I’m the only Kevin Rokosh on the platform). And help me sort you out from everyone else who follows me by putting a “[VCC]” at the end of your LASTNAME field in Zwift. And to further make it simple just who I should be inviting, please put your name on this Google Form: 2024 Zwift Meetups

Everyone who signs up and gives me their email address will also get a Zoom meeting link so we can talk together instead of using the Zwift chat feature. No video necessary though! We usually leave our video off in the Zoom meeting. No need to share our sweaty faces!

As we embark on this year’s journey, let’s remember that every ride is an adventure, and every cyclist in our club is a part of our vibrant story. Here’s to a year of pushing boundaries, achieving goals, and most importantly, enjoying the ride together!