VCC August 31 Update

Velocity CX This Sunday

Our volunteer crew is almost complete. Last I checked, we still need two more Race Course Marshals. If you can help on Sunday, please fill one of these last spots for us: Volunteer Signup Sheet.

Saturday Club Ride

Back to the east side of the city for the next few Saturday rides. Head to the Olympiette Centre at 10am for a 75km ride this week.

MidWeek Road Racing Concluded

Finally the weather cooperated this week! Thanks to everyone who came out to race and those who volunteered during the series this year. We’ll be back again next year with more fun!

Wednesday CX Worlds

And no sooner does the MidWeek Road series conclude … Wednesday CX Worlds begins! Watch for updates on the @yeg_cross Instagram channel. Racing starts a 7pm in September and costs $5 each night. Next week’s event will be set up around the Argyll Velodrome.

Airport Fondo

Are you up for one more BIG club challenge this year? Our Airport Fondo launches next Saturday!

There are 3 Fondo options for you to choose from: the Cessna (94km), the 737 (166km) and the Jumbo Jet (247km). Each Fondo route will start from the Strathcona Olympiette Centre. All groups will leave together. The Cessna Fondo heads back to the Olympiette Centre first after reaching the International Airport. The 737 Fondo heads back after the Parkland Airport. The Jumbo Jet makes a full circumnavigation of the Edmonton region touching down at the Twin Lakes Airpark, Cooking Lake Airport, International Airport, Parkland Airport, Villeneuve Airport, old Namao Airbase (Edmonton Garrison), Josephburg Aerodrome and the tiny Lechelt Field Airsrtip – practically every place in the region where you can land a plane!

I’ll be driving a support vehicle for the Jumbo Jet route. Riders can store extra gear, food and hydration with me. I’ll also have my bike rack to bail out anyone who might need it near the end. The 737 route could use a support vehicle of their own, but we’ll need a volunteer driver for that route. Worst case, though, you’ll have me for support until the Parkland Airport at the 90km mark. The Cessna route is similar to our longer Saturday rides, so no extra support vehicle is planned for that group.

I will need one Ride Leader volunteer for each of the 737 and Cessna routes, to ensure all riders in those groups make it safely back to the Olympiette Centre.

Please sign up for the fondo route you plan to ride. That way I’ll know who is riding which route, and have full contact details for you and your emergency contact. All the details and the sign up forms are on the VCC Airport Fondo Event Page.