VCC April 20 Update

Jakroo Clothing Orders OPEN NOW

Our store is open now until Monday, May 1.

If you want any of our club riding and racing kit, now is the time to order and get the best pricing … for yourself and everyone else in the club.

See all the details are on our Clothing page and PLACE YOUR ORDER:

Spring Riding Camp Starts SUNDAY

Did you miss the Zoom meeting on Wednesday? Then check out the club’s Event Calendar to see the list of rides planned for this coming week. Our first ride will leave Sunday, April 23 @ 11am from the Tiki Shores parking lot.

And if you missed the meeting because you didn’t get my email notice about it, then I don’t have you listed as an attendee. It’s not too late to let me know. Drop me an email:

Saturday Ride

More than 10 of us will be in Penticton these next 2 Saturdays, including most who volunteer as Ride Leaders on Saturday.

Nonetheless, I’ve still planned rides for you these next 2 weeks. To help keep logistics simple, I’ve planned both to leave again from the Olympiette Centre at 11am. Check out the event calendar for the routes. Download them. Show up on time, be friendly and help each other to have a fun and safe club ride.

And make sure you’ve reviewed all of the group riding tips we’ve got listed HERE >>>> Group Riding Tips

Please see all the details and sign up on our Event Calendar entry:

Edmonton Mid-Week Racing

We still need to round-out our roster of volunteers for the mid-week racing. Volunteering will be mostly simple marshalling support, with no experience needed.

So far, I’ve gotten only one person volunteering on each of our dates. We need more. Our dates are: the ITT on May 24 (3 people total needed), a Crit on June 21 (4 people total needed) and another Crit on June 28 (4 people total needed).

These dates are now on our Event Calendar, where you can read more details as they become available.

Please check your calendars and volunteer for one of those dates. Email me: