Crits At Castrol - #2

ERTC will be running the July 24 edition of the Castrol Raceway Criterium.

Expect the race format to remain the same. Check out for further details and updates this month.

There are two, 1.1km loops, so there will be two races happening simultaneously.


Track 1 (West)

7:15 – 7:50 30minutes + 3 laps – Women

7:55 – 8:30 30minutes + 3 laps – Group C

8:35 – 9:15 35minutes + 3 laps – Juniors (if there are not enough Juniors, they can choose Group C (like last time…) or they can try Group B (which starts on Track 2, immediately after the Women start on Track 1).

Track 2 (East)

7:20 – 8:10 45minutes + 3 laps – Group B

8:15 – 9:10 50minutes + 3 laps – Group A

Keep in mind that you can choose whichever Group you want to ride in, but generally the Groups will be as follows:

GroupC (Cat4/5 Men)
GroupB (Cat3/4 Men)
GroupA (Cat1/2/3 Men)

Please seed yourselves accordingly.

There will be at least one volunteer to help out on each track, with time countdown and getting results. As these are training races and not official results-type races, we will make best-efforts to get top 3 placings.

If riders can help out before or after your race, it would be greatly appreciated.

In the event of a serious mishap, the nearest Hospital is in Leduc: 4210 48 St, Leduc, AB T9E 5Z3

Criterium Racing at Castrol Raceway