2018 Race the Clock ITT Results

The Clock Was Crushed!

Thanks to all our Volunteers who helped out …


Personal limits were pushed. Some found their limits too soon. Others maybe left it too late.

But the clock doesn’t lie (unless there’s a power failure, which can mess things up!) Thanks to our ABA commissaires who did their best to get the results sorted as best a possible.

Bon Accord School and Sturgeon County were absolute pleasures to work with! Future race orgainzers, please keep this in mind. We had no red-tape problems working with them. Professional respect was shared all around.


Here are the top three results in each category (full results available at the link below):

Women 1,2,3

  1. Terra Manca
  2. Diane Bowles

Women 4,5

  1. Helmi McHenry
  2. Annie Scott
  3. Shannon Gordon

Men 1,2

  1. Marc Freemantle
  2. Stephen Mundy
  3. Spencer King

Men 3

  1. Don King
  2. Dan Nelson
  3. Cory Dickinson

Men 4

  1. Patrick McMahon
  2. Josh Denison
  3. Carl Watkins

Men 5

  1. Lorne Dmitruk
  2. Franky Thibaudeau
  3. Michael Nagy