VCC Update - May 7, 2021

Route Inspiration

Though we’re not riding together in the next few weeks, here are some route options to inspire places to ride on your own. If you come across another club member, use your discretion if deciding to ride together. In the very least, please do not ride side-by-side anywhere. 2m physical distancing must be maintained between all non-household riders.

Olympiette Centre

A 60km loop starting at the Olympiette Centre:

Ardrossan Rec Centre

Cover a few of the same roads as the Olympiette loop, but starting from Ardrossan:

Harvest Pointe

Start on the south edge of the city (Ellerslie Road and 50th Street) and head east for a 60km loop that again covers some of the above roads:

Hampton Terrace

On the southwest side of the city, start at the end of Lessard Road in the Hampton Terrace shopping complex:

Saturday Zwift Ride

The weather forecast for this Saturday is looking lousy for anyone venturing outdoors. I’ll host a Zwift ride at 10:30am. Expect to receive an invite from me if you signed up for the winter Meetups. If you didn’t get your name on that list, but would like to be added, just send me an email before Saturday morning:

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