VCC Update - April 9, 2021

Group Riding Refresher Postponed for Better Weather

I was planning to offer this group riding clinic on Sunday. But as it’s not really a workout, it will be better suited on a day with warmer temperatures, at least above about 10°. The current forecast is only 7° – and there might be some snow left on the ground from a cold and damp Saturday in our forecast.

I will try again next weekend, on Saturday, April 17.

I encourage all new AND returning members to come to this clinic. We’ve been spending so much time riding alone – either indoors or outdoors. It’s safest to return to group pace line riding under some controlled situations.

The step back to Phase 1 of our AHS restrictions still allows us to ride in physically distanced groups of 10 riders – hence the pace line format. The clinic will only function in pace lines. And all of our group rides in the near future will be in pace line format only.

As I’ve said in previous messages, it’s still good practice to ride in a pace line. Watching for a wheel ahead, holding your own line steady, and pointing out road hazards are all valuable riding skills we always need to practice.

Zone4 Timing Training

Those members who have signed up for the training course taking place on Saturday will receive additional virtual meeting details directly from the ABA. Please check your email before Saturday morning. The course should start about 9am.

Club Meeting Next Thursday

Our monthly Zoom meeting is Thursday, April 15 at 7pm. Members will receive a Zoom Meeting link via direct email.

If you’ve got a particular item to discuss, please email our club President Ed Heacock:

Hardcore Thursday Night Ladies’ MTB Rides

For 2021, the Hardcore Bike Club will again offer ABA-interclub mountain bike rides for ladies on Thursday nights. 

This ride is open to ALL ABA-affiliated female members – not just Hardcore members. You must sign up on Zone4 and pay a nominal fee to participate.

Visit Hardcore’s website to read more details and find their Zone4 sign up link: Hardcore Women’s Thursday Night MTB Ride

It’s better to go slow in the right direction than to go fast in the wrong direction.

Simon Sinek