VCC June 20, 2022

Road Nationals Week

First, my apologies for the radio silence these past few days. I got quite sick with an intestinal bacteria, and only today am I feeling mostly back to normal.

As racers roll into the city starting today, expect to see some of them rolling through the region as the recon the routes and ride their final race activation workouts.

I’ll be working as an assistant coach for the Premier Tech U23 Cycling Team. If you don’t know any particular riders to cheer for during the events that run from Thursday through Monday, keep yours eyes open for the PTU23 guys. One of the members, Carson Miles, is the defending U23 National Champion. Dylan Bibic is another 20 year old that is currently dominating almost all his road and track disciplines. He’s the 2021 World Junior Points Race Champion.

The event organizers still have MANY volunteer positions to fill, like Course Marshalls, Motorcycle Drivers, Caravan Drivers (the online course is quite easy as I’ve taken it myself), Photographers, Venue Build/Strike, Food Services, Media Runners. Here is their sign up link to see their full outstanding needs: 

Velocity Track Session

Sorry, no session today, because of my involvement with the PTU23 Team.

EMCC Tuesday Night Racing

This week the Masters event is a Road Race on the Northern Bear course (TWP512/RR222).

Links to the details are on our Events Calendar:

Wednesday Hill Circuit

Even though I’m not going to be there to order you around, I still encourage everyone to head to Hawrelak Park at 6:30pm. Most of you know the basic circuit we’ve been using this year.

Details are here (sign-up only expected once to cover the whole season):

Saturday Club Road Ride

This week I’ll get you all meeting at the Olympiette Centre at 10am. I hope Ed will be able to lead at least one of the groups, and someone can take charge of the other

Please see all the Saturday ride details and sign-up at:

Sunday “Rule V” Club Ride

You could come to the ride this Sunday. You’d miss seeing the Women’s Road Nationals Championship, but you’d still have time to see the Men’s race taht begins at 15:30 (and is 160km long).

If you’re going, meet at the Acheson Truck Stop, west on HWY 16, at 10am.

June’s details are here:

Group Riding Clinic

I’ll offer this clinic again in July. Look for details later.

Criterium Clinic Next Wednesday

Most likely we’ll swap the June 29 Hill Circuit for recon of our crit course at the School for the Deaf. You can practice some of the key crit racing skills, like finding your fastest line through corners, not losing too much speed, and getting clipped at the start.

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