July 26 - August 1 Update

Even France Gets Crazy Weather

So on Tuesday I was at the velodrome running some aero tests. I was melting in the heat!

Then by the end of Wednesday’s aero test sessions – we looked at a couple of our club members that day – I was shivering!

And then today’s Tour de France Stage was neutralized about 25kms from the finish because of snow and ice on the course, but worse, was this:

Enjoy your return to summer, after a brief dip into fall this week!

Get out and ride this weekend. Celebrate all that this wonderful “niche sport” means to you! And if participating in Sunday’s Tour de l’Alberta, a simple steady pace will get you to the finish with a smile!

Club Equipment Sale

As mentioned last week, we’re losing our low-cost storage location at the end of September. It’s not worth the value of the equipment to look for another location. So all items must be sold.

Because we’ve used casino funds to purchase the equipment, all proceeds must return to our casino account. It also means we need the asking prices to be in-line with the current used equipment market. All reasonable offers will be considered.

Here are a few of the items we need to sell:

  • cyclo-cross bikes
  • track bikes
  • Power Tap wheel
  • BMX bits

Please email Ed if you have questions and/or want to take a look at something: president@velocitycyclingclub.ca

Cycling Coaching Camp

The Argyll Velodrome Association in co-operation with Cycling Canada is offering a coaching camp led by the Cycling Canada’s Pathway Development Manager and Master Coach Developer, Jesse Korf.

No prior coaching courses are required. If you are considering coaching at any level – road, track, cross, MTB, BMX – you’ll benefit from what the sessions will offer.

When: August 29 to September 1

Camp Focus:

–   Mastering Training Design to best develop Skills

–   Race Day Preparation

Registration Fee:  $100.00  ( Maximum 14 Coaches )   Certified  NCCP coaches can receive points by taking this session.

Payment :  By cheque to:  Argyll Velodrome Association

Feel free to email me for more details: coaching@velocitycyclingclub.ca

Club Weekday Ride Schedule

All rides are posted on the event calendar.

  • Monday is Hill Circuit night. Leaving from Hawrelak Park at 6pm. We’ll ride Zoo Hill and the Legislature Grounds.
  • Threshold TT intervals leave from the old Colchester School Site on Thursday at 6pm. Expect about 2hrs riding.

Weekend Rides – Update for Saturday

Our weekend rides are suggested routes, not mandatory routes. If you’d like to ask a few riders to go somewhere else, no problem. At least the start/finish locations should stay fixed so everyone know where to head each weekend. And at least with the rides I’ve planned, you’ve got something to consider when you’ve got few ideas of you own.

Generally, we’d like the rides to be no-drop. We just ask that each group consider the abilities of everyone, and stick together whenever possible. If you feel you’ll be dropped, tell the others – and consider being courteous to allow the much faster riders to continue on their own. Tell them it’s okay to let you finish the ride solo.

Save the Strava routes as GPX files on your GPS bike computer and never get lost. Have a phone in your pocket in case of emergencies.

The Saturday ride starts 10am at the Olympiette Centre. To change things up, ride the same route as these past few weeks, but in the OPPOSITE (clockwise) direction. 60km Strava Route posted HERE: https://www.strava.com/routes/20365444

The Sunday ride starts 10am at the Acheson PetroCan/Truck Stop area. 70km hilly Strava Route posted HERE: https://www.strava.com/routes/19516571

Things will go wrong at times. Your options are to complain or to look ahead and figure out how to make the situation better. –Tony Dungy