April 4 – 11 Update

2019 Clothing Launch

Velocity Cycling Club 2019 KitWe’re gearing up to launch our new kit design. Jakroo will manufacture and deliver your order directly to you.

But before we open the store, we must give Jakroo some club quantity order estimates. Then, they’ll be able to set the best prices for us. Higher quantities means lower unit pricing!

Jakroo’s standard pricing tiers are: Quantity 1, Quantity 2-5, Quantity 6-24, Quantity 25-49.

So for example, if as a club we can commit to more than 25 jersey orders, then we’ll get the best unit pricing of $113 per jersey, instead of $123 in the Quantity 6-24 range.

To help pre-determine what the club will be ordering, I’ve created this 2019 Clothing Request Form [CLICK HERE]

Deadline to submit your request is next Friday, April 12 at noon.

Then, if all goes well, the Jakroo Online Store link will go live on Monday, April 15. We’ll keep the store open for 2-3 weeks to maximize our order. Then the store closes and Jakroo will begin manufacturing each order and deliver it directly to you.

Shortly after deliver of this first “bulk” order, the Jakroo store will re-open. But unit pricing will not be any better than the Quantity 2-5 range. To get best pricing then, fill in your Clothing Request Form and then place your “real” order when we first open the Jakroo store.

Certified Marshal Training

We are in a stage of transition with safety concerning cycling events on Alberta roads.

We have not been obeying the rules of the road when we are hosting road events. According to Alberta Traffic Safety, we must have certified flag people at all controlled intersections when hosting events on open roads.

The Spring Series Road Races are the first events affected this year. The County of Strathcona is insisting we follow these rules.

So Lance Adamson (Spring Series organizer) is making arrangements to start following the rules to keep marshals and competitors safe.

Lance is hosting a course to train flaggers/marshals. The course will be 2.5 hours long and there will be a written test. The certification will be good for three years. In preparation for hosting Velocity’s own events, it would be great to have as many club volunteers attend to this course too. Let’s get some leverage out of Lance’s training session!

Marshal Course info

Argyll Velodrome 6860-88 Street NW

Monday April 8th, 7 – 9:30

No pre-registration required. Just show up!

Spring Series Opens on Sunday

We need volunteers for the Spring Series April 7, 14 and 28th. They have enough marshals on the 7th, but need more volunteers for the events on April 14 and 28.

Please sign-up as a volunteer on the Spring Series Signup Sheet [CLICK HERE].

Revised April Club Meeting

To avoid conflicting with the Marshal Course on Monday, we’ve moved this month’s meeting to Thursday April 18 at 7pm, in the MEC Downtown Community Boardroom.

Argyll Velodrome Track League Details and Sign-Up

This year Track League will run events on Tuesdays and Thursdays, kicking off on Tuesday May 7 at 7pm.

Tuesdays will be dedicated to the 10-mile event. This is a timed group event. We ride in a cooperative paceline for 40 laps. But at some point the cooperation will break down. When? Who knows! The winner’s time will be recorded across the season, with Track League points – and maybe even some kind of prize – going to the rider who wins the fastest 10-miler.

Thursday will host a rotating schedule of 3 Track League races each night.

So please complete your Track League Registration Form.

And see the proposed Track League Race Calendar.

More Fun on the Track

In cooperation with the track’s managers, Velocity can arrange their own club-only Intro to Track night. With enough interest, I can make the arrangements for us. Let’s discuss this at our next Club Meeting on April 18.

You can also get started with the full 4-session Learn To Ride Track series, beginning on Monday, May 6 at 6pm. This is ideal for anyone interested in track cycling, even if it’s just for training. No racing aspirations needed! Get ready to enjoy Edmonton’s indoor Coronation Velodrome when it opens! Please email edmdrome@telus.net to register.

And if your track riding experience is a little old and rusty, or you’re looking to join Track League for the first time, then Wednesdays will host Learn To Race Track sessions on an as-demanded basis. Register now at edmdrome@telus.net.

Club Wheels for Sale

Ed has put the club’s old set of Zipp 303 10-speed Shimano clinchers up for sale.

Please see the listing at: https://www.pinkbike.com/buysell/2543048/

Friday Quick Spin Coaching Calls

What’s your biggest road block this season? While you might see me — Coach Kevin — on club rides, that doesn’t necessarily mean you get a chance to discuss what cycling issues are bugging you right now.

So I’m opening up some talk-time on most Friday afternoons this season.

Please use this scheduling link to reserve a call with me: https://calendly.com/epicseasoncoaching/quick-spin-coaching-call

Saturday’s Weekend Ride

The weather might not cooperate this weekend. We’ll look outside the window and on The Weather Network app to see what the skies hold.

11am near the old Colchester Elementary School location – 23358 Township Rd 520, Sherwood Park.


No, your legs aren’t that tired. Yes, you can breathe. Keep going.

Need help navigating the Air Quality ratings? Check out the club's Air Quality Policy and related resources: