VCC June 28 Update

Happy Long Weekend Riding!

July long weekend arrives with all kinds of riding and racing options for you! There’s the Pigeon Lake Road Race on Saturday for some. The Canada Day Criterium for others. And of course your club rides too. The weather looks to be cooperative, so slap on the sunscreen, fill up your water bottles and get riding!

I’m off to Penticton starting tomorrow for a couple weeks of family holidays. So, please don’t wait for me to start your rides … you’d be waiting much too long! If anyone else is headed to the Okanagan Valley these next 2 weeks too, drop me an email and we can try to connect for a ride if you like.

One More West Side Edgemont Ride
I’m trying to twist the route around one more time adding in a little extra distance too. 85km this week for those without any other long weekend plans.

Sunday Gravel Ride
I haven’t heard what kind of turn-out these have been having. But since it’s the long weekend, I’ll throw another route on the schedule, this time starting a little further afield with more gravel. Thanks again to Jason Redfern for sending in this route.

The ride I’m suggesting starts at the Half Moon Lake Community Hall, about a 45min drive north of Edmonton. The route is 70kms and mostly gravel from what I can tell. Reach out to your gravel buddies, and meet at the Community Hall at about 10am Sunday.

Monday Track Sessions
Last week we were preempted by the Oilers Game 7 in the Stanley Cup final. This week, we’re preempted again, not just because I’m away, but also on long weekend Monday’s the whole velodrome is closed.

While I’m away, if you have your own track bike and are confident riding on your own, then you can hop on for your own session starting at about 6:30pm on July 8. I’ll be back again on July 15 to lead you all through an endurance-focused session.

Wednesday Hill Circuit
Meet your clubmates at Emily Murphy Park at 6:30pm to ride the river valley hill circuit.

The Edmonton Midweek Race Club hasn’t yet posted next Wednesday’s event, but it might be a time trial? Check their website, where they should have details posted by Tuesday morning at the latest.

Airport Fondo!
I’ve pencilled-in our annual club Airport Fondo on Saturday, August 17. If you’ve been riding regularly so far this season, you’ve got plenty of time now to sharpen up your endurance for what could be your biggest ride … ever! Check it out:

Need help navigating the Air Quality ratings? Check out the club's Air Quality Policy and related resources: