Ride as much or as long or as short as you feel. BUT RIDE.


– Eddy Merckx


How We Ride

As the great Eddy Merckx tells us, you must ride. But you must also ride with purpose to get your desired training or learning results. Rider or racer, we have weekly club training rides to establish your fitness base.

Each club ride builds at least one of the three key athletic abilities all cyclists need: 1) Endurance; 2) Maximum Power; 3) Sustained Power.

Endurance is usually developed with long rides at a steady moderate pace. Often we have more free time on weekends to schedule these rides. So Saturday and Sunday are reserved for 2+ hour club rides.

Maximum and Sustained Power are best developed through repeated interval efforts. Full workouts often need less than 2 hours. We schedule these rides on weekday evenings, after your workday has finished.

Please Note: Our insurance policy with the Alberta Bicycle Association requires all riders on all club group rides be members of the club. Please check out our Membership page for details and to learn about our trial membership.

 The following list covers the basics of the club rides. Specific ride times and routes evolve across the cycling season. We post the actual weekly schedule to the News section and Calendar of this website. All new posts are announced on Twitter and Facebook.



While our Calendar is always up to date, changing conditions may require a last minute update or cancellation, which will be announced on Twitter.
You can see the lastest from our feed right here:

Monday – Urban Hills Evening Ride (Summer – Early Fall)

When: 6pm

Where: Meetup in the main parking lot area upon entering Hawrelak Park.

This is the Maximum Power ride. All riders improve doing high-intensity interval training, which fits a shorter weeknight ride. There’s no better way to force the watts from your legs than the challenge of a hill climb!

We follow a circuit around the less-traveled (at least by motor vehicle) short sharp hills in Edmonton’s river valley. Test yourself against other club riders close to your own ability. You’ll reach heart rate maximums rarely hit on your solo rides!

We always re-group after every climb, because none of us stay well-bunched anyway. It’s up to you how hard and how many climbs you’d like to do. Between efforts we cruise at a comfortable recovery pace that everyone can manage.

Experience Level: All fitness levels! All we ask is that you are comfortable riding in a group (If you aren’t, our Learn to Ride Clinics will get you there!)

Thursday – Rural County Evening Ride (Late Spring – Summer)

When: 6pm

Where: The old Colchester School site – 23377-23365 Township Rd 520, Sherwood Park, AB

This is the Sustained Power ride. We’ll do a set of longer, well-paced threshold intervals within about a 2 hour (60km) evening ride. We start outside the circle of Anthony Henday Drive. You won’t need to navigate busy city streets before hitting the flatter county roads for these intervals.

Blocks of the ride will be done at a comfortable no-drop pace. The individual intervals (usually 3) are one-way efforts along quiet county roads. Slower riders go first, so we can all finish within minutes of each other. Do your best to find that top-end threshold pace you can hold during a time trial.

As always, we re-group before moving on, so you’ll never get left behind. It’s a great midweek ride to add some volume and sustained intensity to your training.

TT bikes are welcome on this ride, as long as you stay out of your aerobars in any group riding sections.

Experience Level: This is a more challenging ride than our weekend rides. As a general rule, you should have enough endurance for a solid 2 hour ride. Again, you need to be comfortable riding in a group. The ride speed will be around 30km/h, but your solo interval efforts should be faster.


Saturday and Sunday – Endurance Rides (Late Spring – Early Fall)

Fun and friendly. That’s what our weekend rides cover, besides a lot of the countryside around Edmonton.  These rides also start outside the Anthony Henday loop and will move around on about a monthly schedule. Members come from all corners of the Edmonton region. Our weekend club rides should explore all corners too.

These 2-4 hour weekend rides are perfect for putting in some quality riding kilometres while chatting with your club members. The average speed will be determined by who is present. If more than 10 riders show the group may split into “A” (90-110km) and “B” (60-70km) groups. Each ride route will be pre-set and posted in a Weekly Update.

Experience Level: While these are no-drop rides, please be aware of your own abilities. You must be familiar with riding in a group. As always, bring your own flat repair equipment, food, and plenty of water. Some spare cash is always a good idea. Riders in the B group should be comfortable at an average 25kph by themselves. Riders in the A group should be comfortable riding at an average of 27kph solo pace.