Indoor Training Sessions

We are pleased to be offering Indoor Training Sessions this year at Aerobic Power on Wednesday nights from November 30 – March 8.

Aerobic Power is a multi-sport training facility in Edmonton, and come up with special rate for Velocity Cycling Club. Aerobic Power has 12 state of the art Computrainers and a full gym and workout area for the club to take advantage of. Each workout would consist of the following:

  • 1 hour on a computrainer (using PerfPro software) on a workout created by either Velocity Coach, Michael van den Ham, or Aerobic Power coach, Kevin Masters.
  • 1/2 hour of weight and strength training with instruction

There are two different ways to attend these great training sessions:

  1. Full Sign up before hand for the “season pass” of sessions.
  2. Watch the “swap board” to buy, sell or trade for a session from a “season pass” holder.

Please see below for more about each option!

Season Pass – Full

This is your best choice if you want to sign up for all 14 nights of training!

Registration for this option is FULL!

Swap Board

If you have sign-up up for a “season pass” but aren’t able to make all the sessions and are looking to get rid of them or if you would like to attend a single session, this is your place to do it!

There are two ways to use this swap board: 
1) If you are a “season pass” holder and can’t make a session, post it on here! Please include the date of the session you want to get ride of and your asking price (money, coffee, beer, etc.) and the best way to contact you.
2) If you are not a “season pass” holder and would like a specific session, post the date you would like on here! Please include what you are offering (money, coffee, beer, etc.) and the best way to contact you.

Please click here to access the swap board: Google Group Swap Board