Club Rides

Please note the the Club Rides listed below are from the 2016 season. We are working hard to improve upon these rides for 2017 so stay posted for a update! 

Below is a list of the regularly scheduled Spring/Summer ride from the 2016 season that the Velocity Cycling Club hosted. You’ll notice the departure time and location are left intentionally blank. This is because the following schedule is only a guideline for our week of training. Weather, races, or any number of factors could cause us to deviate from the regular schedule. To see each weeks specific training schedule, ride locations, and start times please refer to the Weekly Update or Calendar sections of our blog which will be updated each week.

While our Calendar is always up to date, changing conditions may require a last minute update or cancellation which will be announced on Twitter. Watch the @VelocityBikeAB Twitter feed for any last minute changes or cancellations. This feed is also shown on the main page of the website. Lastly, we are insured by the the Alberta Bicycle Association who requires all riders on any scheduled club group ride be a member of the club. Please check out our Membership page for details and to learn about our trial membership

Monday – Learn to Ride Track Night (Summer) 

The perfect opportunity to try riding the track, no matter how inexperienced you are! Velocity Track Coach, Randy Murchison is second to none at helping new track riders get comfortable on the velodrome. Each Monday will include an early session for those new to the track, followed by a later session where intermediate riders will be led through a skills and fitness workout. Whether you are a long time road racer or a complete beginner this Monday night session not only provides great training, but in an absolute must for anyone hoping to race on the track. Don’t have a track bike? No problem! Velocity has plenty of beautiful Marinoni track bikes for their members to borrow, just remember to bring your shoes, pedals, and helmet.

Experience Level: Early – Beginner specific, Late – Anyone wanting to ride the track!

Tuesday – Sprint or Urban Hills Evening Ride (Summer – Early Fall) 

Whether a racer, casual rider, or beginner everyone can benefit from doing high-intensity efforts. This ride will alternate between a sprint workout in Strathcona County to a gruelling max efforts up Edmonton’s steep River Valley hills. Don’t worry, this is a ride for everyone from beginners to experienced racers because, as you always should during max intensity efforts, we will regroup after every interval and cruise at a very comfortable pace between them.

Experience Level: All fitness levels! All we ask is that you are comfortable riding in a group (If you aren’t, our Learn to Ride Clinics will get you there!)

Tuesday – Beginner Mountain Bike Skills and Drills (Mid-Summer) 

Don’t be intimidated by the mountain bike trails! While not a regular weekly event, this skills clinic is hosted a number of times throughout June and July and these beginner Mountain Bike sessions are perfect for someone who has never been out on the trails before. Coach Janet Liu has years of experience helping mountain bikers learn how improve their skills and become comfortable on their bike

Experience Level: Beginner to intermediate

Wednesday – Learn to Ride Road Clinic (Early Summer) 

Is it your first time on a road bike? Your first time riding in a group? Do you have some experience but need to brush up on your skills? If any of those are true, this is the perfect opportunity for you to become more comfortable on your road bike! In this skills clinic, coach Bernie Fagnan will teach t basic bike handling skills and terminologies, rider etiquette, types of pacelines, and some tips and tricks on how to ride safely.

Experience Level: All levels. New cyclists, this is the place for you!

Wednesday – Women’s Ride (From end of LTR clinics to Early Fall) 

Riding in a big group of experienced cyclists can be daunting! That’s way these fun and instructional rides, geared towards women riders, take over our Wednesday’s once the Learn to Ride clinics end. They start in the city and are perfect for new or experienced cyclists.

Experience Level: All levels. New cyclists, this is the place for you!

Thursday – Strathcona County Evening Ride (Summer) 

A 2 hour (60km) evening ride in Strathcona County led by club coach, Michael van den Ham. While large pieces of the ride will be done at a comfortable no-drop pace, it will also include optional threshold intervals done either in a group or individually that are sure push even the strongest riders to their limit. We regroup after everyever interval, so even if you are not feeling up doing them, this is a great ride to put in some extra miles.

Experience Level: Ride speed will be around 30km/h. As a general rule, riders should be able to maintain a speed of 27km/h when riding alone to be capable of doing this ride.

Thursday – MTB Group Ride (Summer) 

Enjoy Edmonton’s beautiful river valley with the weekly 2-3hr mountain bike ride! Most weeks there will be an intermediate and advanced group and a no drop policy will be in effect. The no drop policy means the group will stop periodically to collect and the group will stop for mechanical issues that can be fixed in no more than 5 minutes. The beauty of Edmonton`s river valley is you are never more than a few minutes away from civilization! It is always a good idea to bring a card or some cash for the unexpected and remember, you’ll need to be have enough food, your flat repair kit, a bell (it’s the law in Edmonton!), and a helmet. These may transition into Cyclocross Endurance rides during August. 

Experience Level: For Intermediate to Advanced Riders. You will need to have the technical skill to ride most of Edmonton’s single track with few exceptions, the group will stop periodically to collect and rest.

Thursday – Cyclocross Skills (Fall) 

Once fall starts, our MTB rides will transition to Cyclocross and 3x Cyclocross Worlds Team Member Michael van den Ham will lead a skills oriented cyclocross ride. The ride will focus on all the technical aspects of ‘cross: remounting, dismounting, cornering, starts, etc. Regardless of your fitness level, this is the perfect opportunity to get some more time on your cyclocross bike and get more comfortable in the races. 

Experience Level: For Beginner to Advanced Riders. The ride will focus on skill development, not fitness. Perfect for all levels

Saturday – Women’s Casual Road Ride (Summer – Early Fall)

Do those 60 and 100km routes look like a little more than you want to be doing? Are you a woman cyclist? Whether you are looking to do a little less distance than the endurance rides, are on a recovery ride, or are a newer rider, these 30-50km instructional rides are perfect for you to log some miles in a fun environment. The pace on these rides will be relaxed and set at a level comfortable for everyone and offer the perfect opportunity to practice the skills you learned in the “Learn to Road Ride Clinics.”

Experience Level: All levels! If you are brand new to the sport, we recommend doing one of our Learn to Ride Clinics first.

Saturday and Sunday – Endurance Rides (Summer – Early Fall)

These 3-4 hour weekend rides are perfect for putting in some quality miles on the bike in a fun and friendly setting. The overall speed of the ride will be determined by who is present and the group may split into “A” (90-110km) and “B” (60-70km) groups. Each ride will include optional structured intervals that will be posted in the Weekly Update before.

Experience Level: While these are no-drop rides, please be aware of your own abilities and be familiar with riding in a group. As always, bringing your own flat repair equipment, food, plenty of water, and some spare cash is never a bad idea. Riders in the 60km group should be comfortable at an average 25km/h by themselves, riders in the 100km group should be comfortable riding at an average of 27km/h alone.