Casino Fundraiser

Casino Fundraiser

Casino Fundraiser

The Casino Fundraiser is the single most important fundraising initiative Velocity Cycling Club has. It occurs only once every 18 months and is responsible for nearly all of the membership benefits we offer. Without it, the most benefits would cease to exist and our youth funding would be near-zero. Please support this major initiative by volunteering.

Our next casino dates are set for Thursday, Feb 16 and Friday, Feb 17, 2017 at Yellowhead Casino.


Volunteer Conditions

The volunteering is very simple and requires that you are present at the casino and perform your designated simple task for the duration of your shift.

Meals and snacks from the casino restaurants are provided free of charge during your shift. A volunteer lounge with couches, snacks, and a TV is provided for use between required duties (Chip Runners and Count Room workers will spend most of their time relaxing in here).

There are 6 different types of positions to be filled:

General Manager
-Oversee all areas of volunteering
Advantage: Roam between areas at will, socialize!
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-Control main Cash Cage chip and cash floats
-Document all cash/chip transfers using simple software on the computer
Advantage: Work in the cash cage with the Advisor and cashiers
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-Exchange cash and chips with casino patrons
-Assisted by the Cash Cage Advisor
Advantage: Shorter shifts available, deal directly with Casino customers
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Chip Runner
-With a security escort, physically carry chips from the Banker to the tables
Advantage: Mostly lounge-time. Wait for the phone to ring, work for 5 minutes, then back to your movie or card game in the lounge! Late shifts often end earlier than posted. Shorter shifts available.
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Count Room
-Count hundreds of thousands of dollars cash in a secured room with the help of machines
-Perform only 2 counts per shift
Advantage: Shortest overall shift, actual “work” is limited to less than 2 hours throughout the evening. Very social, with lots of opportunity for chatting during the counts, and lots of lounge-time available between counts.
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-You are a back-up volunteer, working only if another volunteer is ill or experiences extenuating circumstance preventing the position from being filled
Advantage: If all goes well, you will not need to work, or even show up at the casino at all! You will still receive your Volunteer Incentive.
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Volunteer Incentives

Until Nov 4, volunteers who sign up for the 2017 casino will receive a $25 discount on their 2017 Membership fees for each shift worked by themselves or a designated friend or family member. Sign up early to score those easy shifts! You do not have to be a member to volunteer.