May 12 Weekend Ride Update

Race Season Begins!

This weekend could have been the annual Velocity Stage Race (VSR). But due to some unforeseen circumstances, we handed the reins over to Juventus to kick off the official 2018 Road Racing season with their Stieda Classic Stage Race. If all goes to plan, our VSR will return in 2019 in approximately this same calendar slot.

I’d appreciate knowing who from our club is racing this weekend. Please send me a short email with your race plans (which stages you plan to race), including the category you’ll be racing. I’d like to create a specific racers’ group email list to keep everyone on the same “Team” page this weekend, and going forward throughout the road racing season.

So racers, please email me, Coach Kevin, at:

Registrations closes Thursday, May 10, at 23:59!! Here:

Riders Keep On Riding!

Though I’m not going to be leading club rides this weekend, I still encourage  rider members to self-organize for a Saturday ride with a 10am departure.

Ardrossan VSR Road RideIn honour of our Velocity Stage Race tradition, I’ve mapped out an Ardrossan ride circuit. It should be better than last week’s from Colchester School, because it’s got no level highway crossing to contend with. Check out the Strava course link here: (We will try sticking with this route for the rest of May.)

Leaving from the Ardrossan Rec Centre, this route traces the VSR road circuit near Josephburg, and then loops back down to the old-tyme ITT course from VSR-years-gone by (which is now a tough Strava hill climb segment).

Riders’ choice on Sunday. But maybe you’d like to ride on over to the Stieda Crit course and cheer on your clubmates? Map and schedule details are here:

Planning Ahead Next Week

The Muttart area is heavily impacted by LRT construction. So our Tuesday Hill Circuit will depart 6:30pm from the parking lot inside Hawrelak Park. Plan on about 2hrs of hill repeats.

I’m planning longer (like, 5min) threshold intervals for Thursday evening’s ride. Watch for final location plans to be posted next week. Expect a 6:30pm departure.

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